Running scared or hiding? What are the things you want to change and why? How to pursue change?

Words to be feared extremism, far right and far left. Anything that goes towards borders and over, chaos disturbing peaceful structure and strategy of class, gender and ethnicity. Do words make us fear, or is it just the deeds, PR, illusions and imagination? Words explaining what happened, what happens, what will happen. We have to do this and that in order to be well, that all of the world would be in balance, in calm. Complexity of multiple choices and chain reactions is what we are having. How scary is radical or extremism? Where does the limit go? What is too much to tolerate depends on how strict the society’s moral and behavioral codes are. Is radicalism a question of how far one is willing to go to achieve one’s goals, what kind of goals one is capable of having or plainly choosing what is right thing to do? What is my right? Extremism somehow always connects with hurt and revenge, blindness and death. Radicalism is forceful measure pushing one’s agenda forward with power, passion and anger.

What is the force of radical feminism is determination and devotion, hopefully without fanaticism and bigotry. Feminism as a word itself is radical. It began radical and stays so and as the movement is in the marginal with prejudiced shadows hanging over heavily, objection is obvious and visible, but still incomprehensible. To say I am a radical feminist is a heavy statement. It gets people on their toes showing where they stand. Radical is an aggressive word. The more media makes us scared of getting radical, the more society marginalizes those who seek change. Society wanting us feeling happy at the brink of destruction. Change is going to be slow, destruction painful and inevitable. Radical nowadays is to think for yourself and invent your way. How much radicalism involves violence is a question of mostly violence used by society towards the radical. How much violence is enough to bear? How can we fight against oppression, manipulation, fascism and abuse? To be nonviolent is my choice and I wish it to be so for other radicals. To be better than the violent bastards who want to put us down. Be creative and never let them defeat you! Perseverance is the radical.

Change is coming and there is no other way!

Feminist movement Femen is fighting on the streets facing fascists, ordinary street men, politicians as well as the police, who continually arrest bare breasted women shouting Fuck your morals, God is a woman, Ukraine is not a brothel, in gay we trust, Nudity is freedom! Strength of such fearless action and devotion to the cause is impressive, appreciated and joyfully effective. Feminism should be exactly that and in there, on the streets, in demonstrations, during world cups which lure prostitution to flourish, in places where world leaders meet to make people in suits face anger, attacking fashion shows to let them who exploit hear out those who really have an important message: Listen to those whom you abuse! We are many and we force you to listen. Feminism is activism, sextremism, distraction, interruption, disturbance of status quo and destruction of seemingly comfortable balance breaking that clean surface. It is an unforgiven demand in itself and notion that women have to take their place to be heard, fearlessly speak out standing tall. Feminism is demanding abolishment of sex trade, acknowledgement of the problems which women globally face, abolishment of sexism and punishment for it, concrete separation of church and state, legalization for access to free and safe abortion, women to have decision over their bodies, punishments for rapists to be heavier than they are. It is demand for respect and dignity. Feminism is demanding human rights and lasting social change to all human beings, environment and animals. It is one of the most important global movements at the moment and the importance of change shows in the way Feminists are treated. Importance of attitude change is immediate. Importance of finding conformity a repulsive tool of oppression and fascism. Importance of learning how fascism works today and manifests itself daily in ways of monitoring, dictating, suppressing and manipulating. Place of women is displayed by showing hate against women, against Feminism, stigmatizing those who dare to speak up and act against oppression. It is one of the most important issues globally to make concrete change to better lives and rights of women, minorities and children. Situation is angering and change is slow. Hierarchy, power and position of church is immense dictating places of genders, how people should live, what is right and wrong. Religions and dictators are obstructing development of human rights for people to achieve better quality of life, better treatment and appreciation of women and children as individuals and people. I see divisions very clearly anywhere, personally and generally and I refuse to be what I should be by my gender traditionally, ordered by someone who is to be above me. I can do nothing but go against. Change is coming and there is no other way.