Finland is more fascist than we dare to admit.

Thing is many do not know what fascism is. It is something outside the good common people have and do, because it is the ultimate evil. How far right people’s opinions and deeds eventually are seems to be something people fail to acknowledge and define. People like to define others instead of themselves, themselves the self-evident good. You have already made yourselves? People like to say not me but that other, that who doesn’t do things like most must be doing something wrong because the most are not doing the same wrong, the most of us have the right and are right practicing a norm. Logic there is funny and often nonexistent. Who said the most of us doing something is the right thing, the most equal, good thing to do. What is the proof of good for us? Unhurt, discomfort, future prospects?

Normality defined by the most of us, by what is said and done, by traditions, customs and human sense. Show me where we are going, but do not change much, we cannot take it. Inability to change is clear and change is slow. Does it look like we know where we are going? How does it appear we are changing? To know what is fascist, what should we look for? Surveillance, exclusion, indifference, what kind of voices are heard, who gets to speak.

Scar which I repeat, because it is a deep cut and inescapable. The scar of the society which society repeats because it cannot do otherwise. It cannot or does not want to heal itself because it does not see itself sick:
To me fascism is an extreme and violent idea of purity and exclusion. Extreme idea and desire to stay the same what is defined as good to be. As a woman and an artist I have been placed in to marginal of impure. To look for scars, flaws, dirt of mine, spreading it all over (see her and place her behind) and suspicion over me not being as good as those already defined as good has been an everyday occurrence. It has been difficult to understand what is going on, but it is clear I do not belong to the accepted norm which begins over and over again from a moment of I don’t have to say anything but to appear/exist being enough to raise the alarm. Well I have become to like the situation and making the most out of my excellence. As it goes it takes the personal experience to launch major fight. Your good is not good enough.

Fascism has not left anywhere. Situation is scary when you fail to recognize it.

Is public good something that pleases most everybody? Is it about pleasing in the end, helping, accepting and to put human good will in action?
“Don Quixote is the first modern work of literature,” Foucault writes, “because in it we see the cruel reason of identities and differences makes endless sport of signs and similitudes; because in it language breaks off its old kinship with things and enters into that lonely sovereignty from which it will appear, in its separate state, only as literature.”