Censorship as way to do the world and stomping the world to stay the same. It is interesting to analyze cultural scenes since there are people who seriously have power over what we see and use as culture and as art. The power of expertise given status. It is also a world of relations, golden handshakes, hear say, loads of cash and again talk over who is proper and good at the same time.

It is a common practice of everyday. We do it to ourselves and to others by looks, talk of all kinds of subtle and not so subtle ways of letting know what is good. It is a mind control, behavior control, strategy control. Reasons for control often are not letting upset and hate show, fear, any kind of emotions, sexuality, personality, difference show in order to maintain discipline, order, conformity, hegemony, to maintain power or just to oppress because of having power. It is a forceful tool to be able to censor and make it a mental behavioral state as well. People who censor themselves in fear are easy to control.

Forces of those who wish things to stay the same. And what things are those and who are the forces who have such a wish? State of eternal growth, state of holy image, state of pedestals. To push the envelope is to say of having search for new expression. Expression defined by the one who is expressing, artist who lives expresses, everyone has expression of their own. Who sells the expressed, what is new in this picture of making money? Nothing. Do artists express to make money? and what is expression, and what is art, when does expression become art. It is expecting the unknown to be found, expecting it to be found, expecting the unknown to be. It is a state of trust to express. Then make it a vendible product.

For me pushing the envelope is a pop term. Music world is an interesting scene talking about censoring and expression. Pop artists pushing some envelope of theirs and possibly the establishment’s as far as the record companies allow them to push. To push the envelope against those who actually have power is for a recording artist suicidal end of a career kind of scenario. Someone has put something in the way to be pushed and push push it hard. Usually it is artists themselves who have boundaries to be changed. That is not a surprise. Controversy, scandal, provocation are marketable items nowadays like ever. Controversy is to rub your ass against male crotch and stick your tongue out. Huge is only the amount of press. To use sex for making money is not news. It as such is not incredibly pushing the envelope. To actually stop obeying pop cultural idiosyncrasies would be.