Blue­-haired Grand petite called Salvador Nebula. I don’t know who he is. 

Blueberry whistle

Blue­-haired Grand petite called Salvador Nebula. I don’t know who he is. 

Horses fucking on a yard. They steam. Bear bare le jardin.
I will be back as soon as I can. I can’t stand to watch. Mischievous,
ambiguous and nefarious dissent that is who he is, someone
yelled on the phone, delusional

Lickable/Ah banality


Running down the stairs making heck of a noise of some wild herd running that should be outside making what it makes. Feet hitting the stairs with sneakers, high heels, cowboy boots, rubber boots, sandals, party shoes, furry winter boots showing toes hitting the stairs like injury in their minds, falling down about to happen, deliberately making irritating loudness. Their feet like they were to fall off, dance that makes music of its own. Go crazy, you childish. Making the sound that you do. lose mind. it is a weight of worry

barely keeping balance in a hurry.
That noise, take it: continue the monstrous whirl. I want to be in it on the screaming in body of sound. And scream myself, because I’m unable to move myself. I can be appalled by them and stand by uncontrollable horror of youth. Time accused of ruining youth. What it is to ruin? What is there to spoil. What is to worry and why. 

Run faster, the stairs end at some point, and you come to the door, sunlight flickers on wet grass. Go through with this in clean up, after, say abomination and brake, shout it over those sounds of running feet. Audio of some kind of despair. Shoes on the table, love on the table, neighbors, me observing, especially me, living on the table wearing shoes, only shoes. Running in hey after having looked at it with heavy breath. 

I understand it experiences inflation the word said many times over and over, the meaning, the dirt and whispers and shame. Especially the shame. It stops being what it is. What word did you mean? Do you know what she did? Can you believe it? What a cunt. She is going to pay for this. I’ll make her pay. Tiny m tasting soft. Gratification many times over of pain caused not to avoid danger of being exposed with taste of mathematics the substance of brilliance and daring, just to say it. Just to say mathematics makes you stand above, just to think my life is mathematics. So real. I bet there are more people like you exhausted. It is a perfect world with perversion in it making the perfection and sitting still thinking about it. What is the payment and what is after? That stairs turned upside down. I’m looking at my hair waving in the air like hey. 



Licking the shell of me, but why? A hand towel please. Like a never-ending virgin voyage on nightly grass. Laying on my back, watching the stars, and wondering why no­ one else is here. I didn’t sleep all night because I was waiting for strangers and animals, anything. Someone to wonder why I was laying there under a vast space, exposing myself to danger. Exposed to random attacks and looks. I wish someone had cut electricity in the city. I heard the streaming water next to me, a strong rapid, cold and black gleaming in electric beams of light, modernly powerful but stemmed. No­ one could hide, if there was anyone but me, looking up. Satellites going faster than stars I cannot name nor tame and this is far from lame. Well it was wonderment hiking and not leaving town, I felt isolated from the world yet not. I sometimes forget that I will never be apart from it, even if I didn’t speak. 

It was still but not a silent night.
Come here. Alone. To this park.
At four a.m. I got chills so shuddering I had to stand up and take my sleeping bag for a walk. I packed my things and left. Ducks woke up at the same time. 

Urban swimlight what night

Urban swimlight what night 

arborescent dimension, cycles of self-­destruction rhizomatic eschewal of Humanism
in favor of pluralic flaws
repressive views of institutions, we have become blocks of over-coding, 

lines of flight in direction, under order
rationality has its way in making, to be logical in natural way. How I long for illogical, obverse and increasingly dissatisfying false calculations and definitions of wrongs and rights, acerbic, egotist mania
I fascinate myself with numbers, numeric patterns, digits on receipts on streets on buses
routes, pass the way for could you understand my need for fantasy, disorder and accuracy at the same time, and findings 

hoho, obstinate, started feeling inadequate
could you not try like there is nothing else than to impress all the time, because it could be so much better if you didn’t
measure everything force everything
I would appreciate it much
thank you. 

Let us pray, bless bad hair days.

Let us pray, bless bad hair days. 

Dear Goddess of All, Bless Mothers, children and their fathers, bless feathers, toilet prayers, bless toilets, mirrors, lipstick, black nail polish, leather jackets, photographers, pornographers, condom users, sleepers, wake them up when they need to, let them sleep heavily, let them dream pleasant imaginative dreams, bless bike riders, mountain climbers, cats, goats and cows, bless milk, water, bless alcohol to kill all harmful bacteria, to bring us joy instead of sorrow and misery, bring us happiness and hangover for only one day, bless alarm clocks, bless back bags, I mean back bags, rug sacks, luggage, purses and handbags, bless art, bless the World, bless black holes, bless blessings, praying hands and heads, bless our food, make our leaders make the World peaceful place, bless grass, paper, books, sewers and ponds, bless poets and give love, teach people to give love. 

Mugshot/< < Mum kills her children.

www. The Bank of Cigaret Horizons We are and we stay in our landscape with our faces and ties
bonds cards offers mileages greetings from sunny beaches sunny investing in
or would it be better
in the long run cunning as hell in saying nothing, but talking mouth full mouth going on hands moving
there is something happening I can feel it
there is emptiness here
but we fill it
Four of the universe’s fastest­ growing economies
as we know them, are growing expanding blending
growing like well-fed babies
cows and pigs,
with our our spaces where we we live
work and make love have babies feed them.
As a result
Report begins with a silence
anger and frustration
aboutabout about our world collapsing In the report,
to identify the key issues keys where are they?
I dropped them
still As a firm,
to survive and thrive.
We take seriously our capital and ideas to further effective market­ based solutions that help address issues.
Our responsibility
our duty our goal our mission our plan our task our war our peace forever
for good now when
approach to social now which happens in environmental issues beginning was will never be or maybe
upcoming as an explosion fusion like a commercial 

ReificationQ XHyperreality

ReificationQ XHyperreality 
November 22nd, 2013 

Oh, there is so much I don’t know. Tame landscape making all places alike.
Disposition, Infinitude and a day
speculations on eternity and nothing 

a frozen girl at one corner of a busy street. There is never enough one can do.
My heart was as if someone was pounding the front door. I checked. 

There was no one there but a bloody dog. 


Do you dare?
Masochistic need to destroy yourself, the child. Like ever and never going away.
Do you dare to look at it? To look. It is down to earth. It is a thing, it is a fright and strange layers of pleasure.
Perversions and something worth trying, even saying it is an ache. Desire to let go of consequences, of obligations, of anything
but dirty ideas. 

ever widening maw

Food of France, a blend at hotel FountaineBleau in Miami at sunrise. Arrange her, her open yawn, a complaint I could see down her throat, reddish and hear a voice. How to arrange something,  something locked away, something grown to squeak in the uncomfort and disability of contemporary womanhood. Horrified, please stop. Sunglasses. Original attractive unpowered without a change, so loud homogeneity, carefully crafted, commitment to the kind of planning, please send us your very best words, washing quantities humming alone.