How to draw skin?

There is a problem and it is about skin. It is about those features that are called racial. The ones that divide us in some ways which are very artificial but naturally make a visual difference we pay attention to. We make our judgment via eyesight and learn how we should look. We notice our differences in appearance immediately but why we do not take difference for granted as a gift but a threat? It is the one thing we pay attention to, we understand to be born with difference is what we are but to accept difference as worthy in reality is challenging. Children do not discriminate in the ways adults do. They learn to discriminate and bully.

Skin has been an interest for me ever since I started studying art. It is the one thing that is very hard to depict and picture. My sculpting teacher was determinate to teach portraiture and it was the one most important after posture how skin appeals and comes to life in sculpting, on hair, the other matter. It is interesting when you use clay, stone, plaster, wood or whatever material to make it look alive. Is it a question about symmetry, harmony, how we see, or what we want to see, because disharmony and a kind of chaos for eyes is what we reject but is constant before us?