Urban swimlight what night

Urban swimlight what night 

arborescent dimension, cycles of self-­destruction rhizomatic eschewal of Humanism
in favor of pluralic flaws
repressive views of institutions, we have become blocks of over-coding, 

lines of flight in direction, under order
rationality has its way in making, to be logical in natural way. How I long for illogical, obverse and increasingly dissatisfying false calculations and definitions of wrongs and rights, acerbic, egotist mania
I fascinate myself with numbers, numeric patterns, digits on receipts on streets on buses
routes, pass the way for could you understand my need for fantasy, disorder and accuracy at the same time, and findings 

hoho, obstinate, started feeling inadequate
could you not try like there is nothing else than to impress all the time, because it could be so much better if you didn’t
measure everything force everything
I would appreciate it much
thank you. 

Famous faces/Gossip page/Facial

Famous faces

Famous faces, puppies or kittens? Flats or heels? On or off? I want you to be completely honest, we are here to connect. No problem of turning your life a reality show, no surprise there. Another baby on the way. Let’s talk about your married life. She is poisonous. She is an emotional wreck right now. She has hormones making her laugh hysterically and cry the next minute. His heart is awesome, he has a really big heart.

Gossip page

Did you hear the gossip? What was the gossip about and of whom? What did that person do and how did you hear about it? Why is the thing gossip and why is it talked about? Is it a private matter of someone, that got revealed and is now getting out of proportion? How does that make you feel and how do you feel when you talk about the issue? How do you think it is any concern of yours? What is the truth value in this and what the value of telling this story forward to anybody? What kind of world do you think gossip makes and what kind of humanity it reveals?

Did you hear the gossip? Who did you hear it from? How did this person come across this information and what did he/she think of it? Did he/she think of it as absolute truth or something to trash somebody with?