Year 2008, The kind of darkness we are capable of the year 2022.


TO THINK, MEN CAN HAVE VAGINAS, IF THEY SO DESIRE AND THEY CAN CALL THEMSELVES WOMEN, IS THE NEW REALITY 2022. What does it mean for humans to surgically change one’s body? There is no depth to it, how far people will go in search for personal happiness, still everything is on the surface. Change there is, is puzzling and what changes. Outer shell telling who one is always and therefore is easy to play with and think it is you. Outer represents you. Assumptions and quick judgments are in use in everyday life to put people in boxes and supposedly easy to understand. Looks is the one thing people pay attention to completely. To be a self-defined whoever you want to be, is a quite new thing. What do you want to be and what people should do in general is the complex issue at hand. Where there are no limits sounds destructive in the end, as people not knowing their limits is. It is exploration surely, because we do not know the end result and is it happiness that’s there to be found? Times of the metamorphosis, supposedly, and still the world is getting less diverse culturally. People don’t generate their own but a copy.

To think men can have vaginas, which surgery is painful and dangerous. Men can also impregnate men who are/were women. A man can impregnate a woman who is a man. Man can have a uterus, breasts, periods, mood swings, emotions, as we all are governed by our hormones, and need to share our emotions and thoughts is constant and emotions burst online. Feminine men have always existed, not a new thing, controversial still as ever. Timid and feminine is when you are a woman is the joke wearing a dress. What are other feminine things then? They are the obvious and the more ultra, the better. Make a show of yourself and make money, the bigger the better. When one is feminine, it is a voilà, you are a whore pretty easily, but if that is what you want, go right ahead. Whoring makes the bucks nowadays. The feminine intimidates and instigates, looks is what people see in anybody and you are your looks. You are graded as a number. It has taken me to this day really comprehend this, how important looks is to people. To imitate women doesn’t make a woman, nothing is invented, but added there and taken to extreme even for women themselves. To be a woman is constant awareness if it. And now women imitate drag? Drag has imitated women so far. Gender is a role and to be predictable, sex being the centre interest, what anybody has to offer. What is this binary that is supposedly diverse? What anybody wants is easy to guess, it is in the look. How to get what you want, is the difficult thing. To want is all.

Women can have penises built and they become men just like that. It is a feeling one listens to. This is the feeling. Sex is in the hormones, hair and the dong. What is inside the head then where hormones also work? What goes on in there in the middle of this control? Need to be and look powerful perhaps, strong pillar of society, look rough and manly, big, which is difficult for women as we are usually smaller. Is it all about power and control?

Women are intellectually as capable as men and are emotionally more open than men. Intelligence is not sex related but an inherited trait, but since intelligence is quite lost anyways, let’s go with feelings as feelings matter more, is the message. The education is to think what anybody desires and believe it. Feelings guide even sciences today, to not insult by telling the truth, but go with the social movement, because everybody has got the truth of their own, which is valid, no questions asked. Intelligence is puzzling these days and lost. University understood wrong. To abandon all known and set a completely new reality, which is created by whims and the so-called left. It seems as how much are you able to game, lie, censor, bully, usually scare into silence and how much one is able to feel. We are an emotion nerve. To be irrational is the fun and right to have. Irrational is also the destructive. How much anyone should take feelings seriously is 100%, which goes for some religions: their feelings are sacred and inviolable. Men, that is men, who feel strongly, are able to reproduce like women, bear children, take care of them, nurture, chest feed and love their children, take care of their families and of their households in a same way as women without it being an issue. Great, more power to you. Equality finally, men doing what women do and women doing what men do. (First time I saw man chest feeding, I thought I’m going to throw up.) People with strong feelings coming to Europe and note, they do talk about feelings, feelings people.

This way by having the same bodily functions and organs, men can understand women and children, women can understand men, but I do not understand, why sex doesn’t matter as it plays a big part in our world and one still needs to match one’s inner feeling of sex surgically to be there unimagined, real and you say it is irrelevant still and nobody should mind someone thinking the real is this? Men can place themselves into position of those who need support and love, understand those who are vulnerable. There are men who need protection from other men and men who need protection from women as women who are not ok with this have a say, as we know, words hurt the worst, but men are the aggressive sex. Aggression rises up so suddenly in response to words. So why aren’t doctors and psychologists saying no to this lunacy and protecting young people? Should we treat children as adults or are we that equal as it seems? Equal being the weird concept these days. To use equity, which doesn’t support rational, but the irrational.

Remains to be seen, what is achieved by this all and what the eventual cost will be.

As men can get pregnant too, population of the world is increasing by far too fast, but as nature has made it, it is essential for creating a mental connection between the sexes to create. Can the medical profession save mankind? Connection which is being made via creating bodily similarities, celebrates differences, though I am not sure why gender differences matter anymore or why surgery is necessary since gender is a crime and a pronoun issue. I repeat myself. Nonsensical doesn’t need to make sense. We are the same body, enhanced and forever youthful and happy. It is a whole different world where reproduction, sex, periods and all of sexuality are openly discussed and problems are immediately solved, not making a mess, not harassing or stalking anyone, but discussing these difficult issues. To disagree is still prohibited. But men are bigger and God said this. Not taking no for an answer, but always expect yes to all. Puberty is forever gone might be a good thing. No more teen angst. There are no taboos and women are strong leaders and they are listened to like boss ladies in tulle. People can decide whether they have kids, families or concentrate on other things in their lives. Therefore in this case, children are safe, because we fully understand each other’s needs, desires, beliefs, goals, expectations and emotions of others. World is a peaceful and equal place. It is a ready-made perfection on plan and always as desired. Be who you are is a weird idea in a full-on manipulated and controlled world where influences take the best of you and you will be under influence, manipulated to consume and your social credit hangs on a thread. Be on your toes, don’t shake the balance of feelings people. Unity and a paradise for people who equally have menstrual circle, say everything in repeat, for people who get pregnant as equally or can abort when necessary, who learn to share and respect life and difference from very early on. Stay safe.

Must be satire. Definitely is. Smile. Looking happy is beneficial for other people.


HD and the ability of seeing

What do we see?
Do we not see? We do not see enough. Did you see that? Can you tell me what did you see.
What is it we do not see? We fail to see? Is there too much to see? Could you see my point of view? Could you understand how I see? I am not sure if I see as you do. Why do you see as you do? What affects your ability of seeing? How much technology helps us to see better? Does it merely frame and distract and make things look better than they are?
How seeing and thinking are connected? In a way we appreciate and value the things we are surrounded by and look at or don’t. We toss things aside so we don’t see them anymore, but they do not seize to exist even though we push them aside. What do we praise as beautiful? Advertising, moving images, fashion, cars and how these things expand or lives and experiencing it?
Visual world is much the one we make. Something is lost. I am constantly bothered by it and the question why we make as we do. What do we want to see and what is considered valuable visually, visual content, visual material, visual us. How value is measured, with money or peace of mind tranquility which follows experiencing beautiful environment? Because all people do not have beautiful environmental experience daily, it seems they are not worth it and they cannot afford it. More and more environment has to be granted like a gift not as a human right.

When I open my eyes, what do I see? There is despair in the air, panic of losing, youthful looks as possessions to be sold as anything else. But why be bothered by this? There is nothing I can do to change the whole culture, only myself. Quickly before it fades away. Beauty is glue, people glued luring gazes looking for something to steal. It is a weapon as well as punishment, the gaze. Punishment of being watched, looked at. Why does it hurt? I should enjoy of the stares, where else people should place their eyes than to each other.


Ritual blood spill.

Feminism as I see it, is part of humanism in a profound and attached, combined way, it cannot be chopped off for the reasons like it sounds old-fashioned or it does not glitter enough.  So does philosophy for some, sound like. It does not work or you don’t like, which one? Or you don’t want the stigma?

Humanism would be missing its body part. Humanism is our consciousness. We can hope for it not to be paralyzed, cut to parts that can’t understand each other, as it now seems to be the case. There are women who like to say that they are not feminists ( for some reason those who get to say it so it becomes news are American, “I am this and that, but I am not feminist”..), those same people believe in strong and equal womanhood, strong woman, strong human, what is that, in terms of capitalism, what is a strong human in terms of humanity? Being above what, that other, giving orders or as strong as, as good as, but different. Problem is in seeing feminism as counter activism, against any other, like an outer negative force that wants to put parts of society in feminist kind of order. I have one request for every woman, if you do not relate to feminist why bring it up at all. Be a good sport. It’s good to be good. Women if they feel strong and are capable of acting out in their society as respected members are bound to feminism and its achievements, due to fighting for equal human rights most women can vote, be part of politics and speak their mind.

Disrespect for feminism is disrespect for humanity.