HD and the ability of seeing

What do we see?
Do we not see? We do not see enough. Did you see that? Can you tell me what did you see.
What is it we do not see? We fail to see? Is there too much to see? Could you see my point of view? Could you understand how I see? I am not sure if I see as you do. Why do you see as you do? What affects your ability of seeing? How much technology helps us to see better? Does it merely frame and distract and make things look better than they are?
How seeing and thinking are connected? In a way we appreciate and value the things we are surrounded by and look at or don’t. We toss things aside so we don’t see them anymore, but they do not seize to exist even though we push them aside. What do we praise as beautiful? Advertising, moving images, fashion, cars and how these things expand or lives and experiencing it?
Visual world is much the one we make. Something is lost. I am constantly bothered by it and the question why we make as we do. What do we want to see and what is considered valuable visually, visual content, visual material, visual us. How value is measured, with money or peace of mind tranquility which follows experiencing beautiful environment? Because all people do not have beautiful environmental experience daily, it seems they are not worth it and they cannot afford it. More and more environment has to be granted like a gift not as a human right.