How to be

I can think what is the most important thing for me to be, well there are many. Then there is society’s pressure to think for me which is pretty powerful  (well, people around tend to do the judging more than society as a structure actually) and which pressure is the main reason for all identity and self issues people are having. What society can ask people to be and how them to live must be to be decent, respectful, making and thinking individual, what else as there seems to be constant turbulence especially concerning how women are viewed, treated, how they treat each other and themselves. Problematic of pleasing, fitting in, doing the right thing, being the right kind of person sound like juggling and a very narrow spot to live in. It is interesting how we can now have and knowingly take position of creating a self-therapeutic nonstop flow in public and share all what we will and feel good about it as all people around tend to do similar kind of sharing of private life moments, problems, thoughts, worries etc and we get feedback for doing this sharing. Most important thing is to find the strength to be exactly who you want to be and not what other people push you to be. Confessional writing is important in this regard as we notice that there are so many people who struggle with the very same issues. To find this out is a surprise as is the fact of how long it can take to grow up, how much one can learn and change, in other words stand on your own meaning know what you want and go after that, not after what someone else wants you to be and do. culture loves to gawk at the ugly side of women—to peer at stars without their makeup and publish their un-Photoshopped images, to put women’s looks under a microscope until every blemish surfaces. “ are a few easy answers to that question. The people who are in charge of designing the future right now are a homogenous group. Futurism, as a field, is dominated by men: two-thirds of the roster of the Association of Professional Futurists is male, as is 77 percent of the World Future Society’s. And it’s no secret that the technology industry, the other field generating many of these futures, is struggling with gender inclusivity as well.”