medication, psychotherapy, hospitalization, Who can be cured and who not, what is to cure, how to know what is actually wrong. Are there hopeless cases? How to face someone who is mentally ill? Should I be scared? Mental illnesses are problematic in many ways, difficult to treat, to diagnose, difficult to live with. How can we tell when society is mentally ill?

It is a very painful experience to be depressed. Stress and constant facing of ill in life make possibility of mental illness higher than for those who live in secure environment. This is my equation and result of it. Levels of stress in life and how one tolerates stress, deal with setbacks indicate clearly how are we doing mentally and we will be doing. Where does the border of ill and healthy go? What kind of behavior is seen as sick and what not? Illness breaks the atmosphere of normal everyday. We see ill since it is part of life, but we like to avoid and separate it from us because we are scared and disgusted. Healthy atmosphere of there is nothing wrong is a bit strange and hygienic. Can there be such a state on social level of hygiene or is there always a factor of wrongness, a crack, better yet must there be some kind of imbalance and sense of danger for us to find happiness? Secure steady life is an ideal for many. We want to avoid being scared and not knowing what will happen next.

Danger of it, danger in living, danger of getting killed or injured. Some people like to defy it, death.