Danger to whom, only to oneself, dangerous to created power structures, impacting crushing the faux stability or look-alike balance.

Puzzling case of death penalty. Art is dangerous. What is the danger in imagination.
Danger is different light. Danger is light, heavy in its lightness. Danger in different light,
danger of thinking
the opposite than the people of power, or just differently, people with power are the danger. Funnily that is us. Thinking of power and what it is, how to use one’s power. It sounds violent, a hostile takeover of someones identity, freedom and humanity. Someone above is telling me how to live and think. Feeling of fear is accurate, beginning of self-censorship. Those who have the courage to stand up for what they believe is right, bravery to say what is wrong.
Artist is a dangerous person. Artist has to be true, has to do the work of hers/his in a manner that is truthful. Truth what might that be? Everybody has their own. Can you be blinded by something you think is the truth or are you lying to yourself, be blinded by the image of truth. Something you think is right and right for whom. There are always questions of interests and serving. People having truths of their own. Given rights by god, laws of money, hierarchies of sex, age, position, status, relationships and what ever they may be, promises, handshakes, angels or demons. Something that is considered as good.

People are influenced by thoughts and pictures. Become an artist!