Of not knowing. ReAllY?

There are certain things, objects mostly and which are many as we know, that a Modern person must know to keep up with the constant change made by markets (stay interested and aware), which could be called a trend after a trend kind of following and a fashion for the shallow nature of getting excited for a while and discarding just like that for something novel. Especially when one is working on a creative field which adores and widely uses very specific kinds of technological devises that are commonly accepted as the best and which give status of a professional for the buyers and users. Staying outside the technology religion and hype signifies being out of style, not knowing what is style, how to interact and do things, ignorance of what is going on professionally, using unprofessional conventions and stating lack of finance, which is probably the worst flaw.
This all which is unfortunate, true and experienced and is creating an instant backlash that impressions, possessions, equipment, wealth, connections and showing them is what really is important and need to be shown. Hierarchy is all and getting above is important. These symptoms of Capitalism are very human, infantile yes (adulthood is demanding) and unreasonable as they are too, are exactly that: simple reactions and solutions of very young minds to extremely complicated issues of how to create, how to make professional identity and what does it mean to be professional, how to make value, what is valuable, not wanting to admit making mistakes or that there could be something wrong, avoiding the answers of how many ways there may be to do things when you actually are creative. Technology religion is trying to solve ownership, success, status by selling and buying, staying hip looking, imitating, doing the same as your buddies and business associates and being in with the surface of things, believing in accuracy of assumptions, assumptions on how things and people should do, be and behave, which strengthens views on what is seen as weird. This all is very under-aged thinking creating huge gaps between people (where is the art there one might ask). One might think to oneself that there are many things done wrong just because of ignorance and out of habit and a mass of people who follows something that is very much as a religion.
When means of creating get few and few people can afford those few means what kind of art and culture will we have?

http://www.triple-c.at/index.php/tripleC/article/view/568/595#ref48 The Coming of the Post-Industrial Society (1974). This “immensely popular book” (Crawford 1983, 381) crystallised the claims according to which industrial society was superseded by another kind of society where “what counts is not raw muscle power, or energy, but information” and where “the central person is the professional, for he [sic] is equipped, by his education and training, to provide the kinds of skills which are increasingly demanded” (Bell 1974, 127).”