What am I set to do? What I set for myself to do. How one thing leads to another.

Does it often become to be something never was expected or what is expected of revolution? What is expected of people making revolt? What is expected of us all in the sense of revolutionizing something and what needs to be turned over? Born out of totalitarianism, what origin is that? Could depression be the most underestimated source, result and cause of our grief, most hidden, most stigmatizing illness there is, and therefore the least treated disease?
To admit depression is seen a sign of weakness. Admitting illness and search for help are difficult things to do, often help is not close by or within reach at all. Person can be in a dead-end situation with two alternatives; suicide or to find immediate treatment. Stigma illnesses like depression carry is heavy like a ton of weight. It is metallic, brutal and cold. So as there are people who do not ‘believe’ in psychotherapy or that mind can be cured by talking and being listened to; there is a lot of work to be done to banish the load of prejudice that mental illnesses carry with. Since world is a very violent place, questions about mental illnesses such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and depression are very accurate and situation is worrying. How are you going to deal with it OBAMA-mama? Preaching and pretty talk is not enough. Sing O, sing.


World looks like a fucking depressive place. And it is. Wanna make a joke about it?

Complex personal problematical and going inside one’s head like the arts poses to be doing, but is afraid. Afraid of not being sellable enough. How pathetic is that? VERY.
afraid the talk about agony, tearing up, falling apart mentally.. in reality one has to hide and act the life away. Cheers to that! It is ok to talk about financial depression, it’s a worrying thing.

Don’t talk about depression, Henna. It is not cool, ok? Yeah, a person with depression should hide away from those and those. Ah I want to say it Depression, depression, depression, depression ahahahah depression eheheh depression,