Responsibility of a bully

Act of bullying is irresponsible. It feasts out from illegal position of a cock seeking any kind of possibility to humiliate, rip off dignity, power, humanity to take power and hold that position. Bully is arrogant and thinks he or she is superior. Person collects a herd of adorers around to prove this excellence which is a show off and an image created with outer signs of something to admire. For very young people something to admire are things that can be bought, signs of power are signs of having wealth. Only things that matter in this scene are those possessions that bring admiration and the feeling of being better than. When those things are taken away position is very different. Appreciation to material things is what very young people like to have, which they like to compare and hang on to. Such immaturity also applies to many adults, which means mental growth does not self-evidently follow aging and values are something that are connected to how people treat each other. The more culture bases emphasis on material things being the ultimate measure of worth the more people are bullied for not having things they are supposed to have to belong and be grand. To teach children to appreciate people without signs of wealth is essential. Elitism is one definite reason division happens over and over again. Desire to belong to the elite, no matter what the elite is and stands for, is a yearning for many. It makes one feel important, powerful and able. It can also give permission to act in irresponsible violent manner, because what the elite does is somehow correct and righteous, otherwise they would not be the elite. To talk about the elite, that some group is the elite takes responsibility as such. One has to define what elite means and what this particular group does is better and outstanding compared to the rest.
In a group bully is safe. Alone a bully is nothing. She or he is doing something acceptable and cool in a group, which is otherwise punishable, shameful and wrong, but this vowed group stand behind anything within they decide. Ill can be done to prove superiority, character and toughness, but there has to be witness to see shame caused to someone, hurt caused, enjoyed and spread for others to continue and leave the different loser outside the fun. For bully to lose his or her power is isolate, to say she or he does not have power over others with violence or with any other measures this person and group of persons seek power position over others or over one person. When power through violence is not power it loses and this has to be shown.
True problem is when bullying is accepted, ignored, minimized as something normal we all have to cope and tolerate with. That bullies can’t be hit back. When extreme violence, mental torture and sadistic behavior continue among school kids, at work, on the net, on the street and it cannot be answered to bullies continue. They do not face trial, public shaming, they do not learn what kind of pain they cause unless they are given adequate punishment as any criminal. To face the consequences is what happens in adult world. Authorities do not completely comprehend how serious crime bullying is and what kinds of consequences and scars it leaves behind. Psychotherapy is costly, so is a mass shooting. Do bullies go to therapy? Maybe after a mass shooting if they have survived. When papers talk about school shootings asking why this happens, all in horror, how is this possible, papers characterize the shooters as psychopaths, outcasts, loners who are a threat to society, one wonders what are the bullies? One also wonders how bullies seem to climb the ladder quite easily in the world. What is their responsibility when a disaster hits? They do not have any. They have become victims of visible bloodbath. When a school shooting is a result of years long bullying, I ask who truly is the psychopath, irresponsible nutcase who ruins lives?
To celebrate and protect a bully is what society and authority does.

To be afraid of falling off the edge, of being left outside, any kind of fear there may be that is terrifying and paralyzing. If one is not aware that being afraid is one of the most central issues to grab and learn to know why and what it is all about.

Fear for a woman and for a child is an everyday issue. We must be careful because there are dangers but we cannot live in fear. Danger is a sharp edge, falling down, sudden accident, a crash, an explosion, an attack, a stalker, a stranger, unknown, losing honor. Where are they those who threaten, what are they, those scary monsters, threatening future prospects, masked and armed enemies who hate? A black cloud, radiation, cancer, illness, losing one’s mind, losing friends, losing a job, losing hope, losing everything there is to lose. Fear in media fed to us is there for a reason, fear the emotion is dictating largely how we act and react, what we see and don’t see, how we feel and are allowed to feel. What happens next, what should we think and do. What are we afraid of and why, there is the safe inside space and the unsafe outside space, there is fear of life unlived, fear of death, fear of shame, being shamed and ashamed, fear of hurt, of losing, being forgotten and left aside, stomped down. There are so many ways to be afraid, how we keep silent, go with the crowd, tremble, stumble, stutter, shiver, feel frozen of fear, panic, scream, try to escape, run, go out of breath, don’t want to face the things that frighten us, how we show fear we must not show but we sweat, how we inflict fear, spread fear and terror, keep people in fear for their lives because everything is uncertain. To rule with fear is to bring horror for your people. One can be fearless when one is tired of being afraid, constant fearing does not make things change, to be brave and do whatever you think you can you should do, maybe little hesitant thinking what will others think, what will be thought of me when I do this, fear of being judged and abandoned, labelled, bullied. Can we smell fear?


Any branch that wishes to appear ethical should be so to the very bottom. Not just to appear ethical but be ethical.

Ethical glued on does not work nor seem reliable to trust. Those well-meaning thoughts, efforts and concerns fall flat when the whole industry is rotten to the core. When one does the opposite to someone and the polishes the image with other hand. You know what I mean? Like washing clean something that is spoilt. When practices in use do not stand the light of day one can ask what is going on and why grievances have not been dealt with properly? Such as getting paid for job done, poor working conditions where bullying is more than a rule and work is difficult to find without connections, striking sexism which oddly lives on, holding on to authority of institutions and experts who are at the highest rank not taking the branch forward but keeping it unchanged, not to mention rights of other laborers who work to build the facilities, maintain them and so on. Still artist is at the bottom of all this and very few actually stand up for artists. Of course it is commonly narcissistic field luring those who wish to make money where it is to be made, artists with ideas make value for those above. It is not questioned because artists are often depending on help. When money rules how things are done and ruled in authoritarian manner it is a dead-end. When beauty, philosophy, aesthetics and picture of human being is revealed, dug, explored and wanted to understand it demands sincerity, commitment, will to understand, sensibility and trustworthiness which I consider are basic human qualities too often forgotten and hastily abandoned. It is essential to be able to trust a source, that work is done properly, be able to trust authorities that they are fair, respectful and honest. This is not always the case. Very little so, unfortunately. If you do not respect artists do not work in the arts. It is not a playground of the wealthy and posh, at least should not be. Those who let outer traits, gender and origin effect their decision-making please do a favor, learn to think differently, change the perspective and your attitude. There are too many assholes in this business.

Always warms my haarat when artists team up for good cause.  A dashing good job. Must be reliable source for masters of art… “Science currently faces multiple challenges to its credibility. There is an ongoing lack of public trust in science and medicine, often built on weak conspiracy theories about technology such as vaccines(1). At the same, however, there is clear evidence that we have failed to competently implement the scientific principles we espouse.”

Feminism is against fascism, slavery, discrimination of any kind, bullying, killing, abuse, extortion, torture, rip off and exploitation. Feminism is for equal human rights, freedom of expression, peace, right and freedom to live in peace, freedom for everybody to speak their minds, to be heard, taken seriously, respected and valued as individuals who are feeling and thinking people.

To those who this rings bells you might be a feminist. Feminist the activist, advocate of rights of women and children and therefore of all people, boys and girls. Feminist usually is a woman who is not afraid to speak up and act for those who need help, are in need and she helps herself because there often is a deep personal experience of discrimination, sexism that has happened over and over again in patterns and ways that do not change until they are forced to change. Feminist is the one who is not afraid to be trashed by many for her belief in equality, to be herself, who is not afraid to protest in a way she sees fit, usually in provocative way making many angry because there truly are plenty of people who do not want human rights for all nor equality to apply all, people who want to protect rights of the rich, white females and males, protect power of the elite, white power, male power, patriarchy or whatever that is called nowadays. Feminism is not a movement that would not have a mission today, quite on a contrary. It has got plenty to accomplish.
Why is this so confusing? “This elite owns the privatised public sector, which includes gas, electricity, water, telecommunications, airports, air traffic control, airlines, railways, bus services, and most recently the Royal Mail. The outsourcing companies run an ever-increasing part of our public services, covering social security, correctional services, employment services, the NHS, the disabled, the educational sector, the care sector, etc.
Today, it is conveniently forgotten that the financial base of household names such as ThyssenKrupp, Mercedes, BMW, VW, Porsche and Hugo Boss all came from the vast profits made under the Nazi government, when there were no unions, few regulations and cheap labour – very often slave labour from the concentration camps.


The only thing I can trust. A bullying psychologist is the best yet. I wonder what his therapy sessions are like

Yes I believe everything is possible. ihaaha ass. Liquid and not blue.


Ja siellä kouluissahan kiusaaminen on tuttu ongelma, harmillista. Kiusaajuus ei rajoitu pelkästään oppilaisiin. En yhtään ihmettele syrjäytymisongelmaa, jos sitä voi ongelmaksi kutsua. Elämme kiusaamisyhteiskunnassa. Vähättely ja ylimielisyys ovat osa tätä ongelmaa. Kannattaa olla varovainen mitä sanoo, vai mitä.