Licking the shell of me, but why. A hand towel please. Like a never-ending virgin voyage on nightly grass. Laying on my back watching stars, and wondering why no-one else is here. I didn’t sleep all night because I was waiting for strangers and animals, anything. Someone to wonder why I was laying there under a vast space, exposing myself to danger. Exposed to random attacks and looks. I wish someone had cut electricity in the city. I heard the streaming water next to me, a strong rapid, cold and black gleaming in electric beams of light, modernly powerful but stemmed. No-one could hide, if there was anyone but me, looking up. Satellites going faster than stars I cannot name nor tame and this is far from lame. Well it was wonderment hiking and not leaving town, I felt isolated from the world yet not. I sometimes forget that I will never be apart from it, even if I didn’t speak.
It was still but not a silent night.
Come here. Alone. To this park.
At four a.m. I got chills so shuddering I had to stand up and take my sleeping bag for a walk. I packed my things and left. Ducks woke up at the same time.