Killer Hair


Man entered flowers, tattoos, piercings. Sat on the stairs staring out smelling of wet grass and rain, leaf on his head, yellow, couldn’t say anything.
Brown spots, small

Nature Wild How In the dirt. 
I don’t know.

How fragile are we, sting to be stung by a sudden wasp in the hair. When you torched your hair, didn’t know what, to be stung, sting, hit, anger in fists, in small beings staring outside scared.


How do you capture a gendered experience in a way that the other gender gets it as harmful?

If you are a man do this: At a bus stop compliment hair of a man standing next to you and ask what is his name. Women can do the same for other strange women especially early in the morning on your way to work. It is fun and interesting.

One might think complementing hair is polite, just like that. It is, truly. I really love your hair too. You have lovely hair.