Being emotional, crying in public, screaming, talking to yourself whatever there may be that interferes normal rational action in a normal public within normal people who like their reason and reasoning. Who do not like disturbance, oddities, anything which might bring a crack to the normality and smooth everyday of doing.

One side to emotions is that they are seen as qualities dictating behavior of women and children. She is irrational and crazy is not rare a thing to hear. Statement which justifies ill-treatment and putting down a second class citizen.
According to study by Jonathan Mercer of University of Washington concepts nationalism, trust, justice and credibility when stripped out of emotion appear unrecognisable. This is very clear. Concepts such as trust and justice work in building nations self-evidently and become parts of our identities(more or less) for us to form groups of power. To have trust is to build a nation and make politics. Politics is where people should be trusted, but over and over this trust is failed. In keeping nations together there is a certain amount of pride, patriotism, nationalism, love for the country and its people. Mere emotion. Nationalism nor patriotism do not tend to show as the most rational of ideologies. They follow feeling. We are like this and we like us as we are. We want to protect ourselves to stay as we are. We can continue to be afraid of change, immigrants, strangers, oddities, settling for traditions and wanting to stick with people of our kind. Reason does not have much to do with all this. Most sensible thing for people to do in order to evolve is to expose oneself to new things, new ideas, all kinds of people. Surprise is of course how people who think are very clever can be so narrow-minded. This happens within universities as in working class circles. Isolation is not out-of-order. It is a norm.

Emotions in making revolution. Why do we cry?

1.Fury and rage

Frantic is a good word to use in context of revolution. To believe in possibility of change to the extent of no alternatives than to find something better and revolution becomes a religion. Religion is emotional institution, faith in the unseen. To breath revolution. It is a beat and intoxicating. Faith is there to heal and take the pain away as a possibility of good and something good is on its way. A raging emotional desire to act on behalf of oneself and others. Faith sounding maybe a bit weird on any scene of revolution. Revolution somehow is seen as anti-religious and very possibly falsely so. It is a very religious movement as an institution of itself and as a monument, and it is important to know who and what to worship. And maybe decide that worshiping is out-of-order altogether.

We like to prize the idea of freedom, but we hold together in captivity.

There is a deep wound and bone is showing. Bad shape of things, what do we make of it – make it even worse, still we do other than scream. Insides of people’s heads form noisy ache of hearts and souls and of other organs.
efforts to understand how mass of people function and form units, societies and structures. Pattern is a good word here, security pattern, safe havens, nests, restricted areas, with guns to protect. How do we form ourselves with others in doing and making. Do our collective movements function well, does our collective mind have mutual understanding, empathy to care how that other is doing. Does kindness make society work, is kindness our ruling force? It has to be. Emotions having leading part in sculpting society by the minute, by every person, by every act which is felt.


With their rare prizes and to whom should these odd chemical reactions be given. 100% of emotion.

A culture of almost complete restriction of feelings sounds unrealistic. It is difficult to imagine us without emotions. They are on our faces, movements, clothes, ways of walking. In there, in us, within whatever we do there are piles of feelings, layers of them, like vegetation, but there is an illness-like inability to give them like gifts, of wanting to express them to that person near like actually caring of that other.

What we should do is give emotions, share them and yes also restrict ourselves from giving them in a hateful way. Incapability of showing emotions especially negative ones make us ill in the end so negativity is important as well. Clever ways of showing emotions.. they end, begin and end. It is strange how lost people are with their emotions.

Who is responsible for what you do? What kinds of things you feel responsible for?

She didn’t say hello to me. I have a responsibility to tell this forward just to let you know what she is like. She did something wrong which I wondered and thought was inappropriate and shameful, I feel responsible to tell this forward and let you know what she is like. Just that you know and be appalled by her. She is like that. I want to tell you she is odd. I want to tell you she does strange things that I would not do and I feel ashamed. She sounded drunk when she phoned, I wanted to tell you this just to let you know what she is like. She went to see a psychotherapist to talk about her issues, it makes me feel ashamed. To talk about your life to a stranger like that.

Celebrities take your clothes off. Have some fun! Before reproduction and marriage. Because you can. Is that all you can do?

Saudi women take the bike!Saudi women take the bike!Saudi women take the bike!Saudi women take the bike!Saudi women take the bike!Saudi women take the bike!Saudi women take the bike!Saudi women take the bike!


Consuming is a plan and a way to live, it is also a way to die. What is bad about having so much fun and getting what is rightfully yours? What is rightfully mine or anybodies? Is that what is bad about equality and democracy, sharing?

Business as usual? Is capitalism as we know it destroying us? Economy is vital base of how and why nations function. It has a role of making and giving value, keep us going. Where are we going and where do we need to go? Who sets our path? Is it the entity Capitalism? How economy and markets work and what they produce very much tell in what kind of world we live. Should markets be less open or more free is a nonstop argument. Most people seek to become rich wanting to possess more than is necessary and maintain a luxurious standard of living and consume more than is sufficient and sustainable. 

Anti-Capitalists ground their claims on facts that economy practiced now leaves most of the people in the world standing outside the fancy restaurant. To blame the system Capitalism is complicated swamp of questions and accusations for which there aren’t much easy answers. It is common demand of anti-capitalists to abolish our current economic system altogether.  Anti-Capitalists claim capitalism exploits workers and consumers for few to make huge profits. Anti-Capitalism can be called anti-profitism. Money being root of all evil and laws to regulate economy serve the wealthy.  

But how can economy and money be accused of governments functioning poorly and would any other economic system work any better? I doubt it strongly, but I also doubt system we are having. There has not been any better solution so far of making trade as we do now. It is worth while question businessmen and their ethics. Do consumers have ethics? Do they know what it is to consume ethically?

Capitalism can be good and it has been. Probably welfare here would not be without Capitalist ways of making wealth. Workers gaining their rights within this Capitalist production system has made them prosperous. Capitalism can serve good of all mankind if it is used in democratic and honest way. There is always the B side to making money how honest can it be and how money-making is regulated plays important part. How does morals work in this picture and how does a person’s moral develop in this system? How much is it due to in what kind of culture one grows up to and to what kind of needs we are culturally grown to live by? 

That would mean a drastic altering of way of life for which few would be ready. Are you ready for environmental time bomb, because it is ahead of us pretty close by. To say hey I’m doing this because I can is the most bullshit excuse to justify anything that is damaging planet and people in this magnitude!