Conditions of heart

Conditions of heart, conditions of human heart, conditions of animal heart, nature which is conflicted in humans, beats in different volume and speed depending on body weight. Breathing and beating of heart are connected. A bird’s heart can beat. A bird’s heart can beat in a way as it flies through life fast and drops dead. Once you have held a scared bird, the bird is the heart. Secrets of the heart, of a heart, from my heart, the bottom of my heart, kindness of heart, you have a beautiful heart, to see someone’s heart, to replace a heart with another heart, black heart, ripped off a heart, heart surgeon doing her job, playing with my heart, out of a good heart, bless your heart, big heart big big big.

Do people suffer more than animals? Is heart a symbol of not suffering or suffering in a way it makes you grow as a person? A burning heart, a passionate organ metaphorically. There is a strange connection between feeling and a muscle, blood and boiling, the pounding one, pumping, beating orderly, kicking on its own. I don’t have to think about it unless it gets sick. Conditions like not having one, having heart selectively, heart symbolising warmth. Heart of glass, heart of gold, heart of steel, no heart, heart of a dog, her heart is strong, heart is in the right place. Heart of flame, to break a heart, a heart to break, heart attack, heart failure, heartache.

There are some radical contradictions in the picture of salvation. First what is salvasion, how we pursue it, how we select which ones are worthy of rescuing and how we place grounds for saving. In order to be saved something has to be gone wrong. Our inhabiting the world being one major threat and violent act against the world, against ourselves. Our blue planet, our nature, nature of having and owning. What is what is rightfully ours are our lives.

Us against us, we against animals. It is a place of excellence to put oneself against, on place of righteousness, of knowing and having force over. People who have placed themselves on pedestals to have leadership. It is one way of evolving and building cultures, to follow something, someone who knows where to go. How long does master race last on that mastering spot? There is the world of nature of which we are part organically, biologically, on cell level and also mentally we still have animal instincts in us working