Body, to be a being, someone with mind who knows what to do.

All the time changing, all the time under magnifying glass. Other people’s bodies, body of one’s own in comparison as we look at ourselves and those other bodies everywhere. What does it look like,  my body, what does it do, how is it among bodies. There is always a flaw, a peculiarity, difference and lack. The wholeness of a body is taken for granted as is wholeness of mind, meaning something that should be, an ideal we must have and be. The idea of wholeness of keeping it, the ideal, them, our bodies the body and mind together working fluently. A product of modern society is one kind of package of wholeness, keep it together tightly. An absurdity and megalomaniac dream is to set an ideal which idolizes surface. It is to bring hectic stress, a dream which is intensely plastic and to the core science fiction. To reach a perfection for which standards are set by entertainment industry is a peculiar way to live life. Standards for body, living, exercising, clothing, moving, saying, making, for communication, for homes, things to have, what to be like in order to create a perfected image of modern success. Success is the things. Success of things.
Why do we accept such ongoing grandiose and an obvious road of self-destruction is the puzzling question in the matter of building life, making it and making oneself. Why do we knowingly choose the path of fast forward marathon desiring to go further and further, discarding and consuming nonstop, finding pleasure in simultaneous short term impulses giving feeling of rush. Rush and hurry seem to be the ones we need to feel our existence is real. We need those elements to let others know it as well that there is a hype and speed stating our importance. It does not look like self-destruction. It looks like fun.
This body that does things as it was a machine made to create magnificent life. Human body is magnificent itself, but not all mighty.