Ichupps trips beats me capricious

The one who is not presenting herself as others around talking. I also thought why am I so strange, the fault is mine. It is much better than that. Funny remarks, ridiculus of the odd. She is half human, half animal not like us not like us, look at that, look. She has a wall around her, there is something wrong about that. Difference seen
Can she speak? Why half? What half? Wit, half way, half-legged, half-existing, the other half, but not missing. Wrong about me? Then you have understood nothing
such arbitrary judgment. To pose, to lookalike, to be seen, I don’t want to be like you. as lack, negative to be pushed inside my walls,
The notion is thrilling, joyous.
From experiences that could be totally reverse, opposite to what has happened, but still we have to settle for what we make, don’t we or you. Says, said, . repetitive patterns, repetition, on and on, and the fault is mine. ice and cold freeze. (laughter)Horror unaware of the scare, to rise up, movement to the righteousness and good, fight

reach the ban, look at it, overcome
need to get back at, give a hefty slam

Here is my half. It is part of me, electric and yes, it is not human, resisting humanity and why is it resentful. Wishfully Super. The delight of contradictions.