I don’t believe Americans are capable of revolution.

You are too scared, too greedy, ignorant, indifferent, too fucking afraid of getting fat, too much dependent on liking, looking white and good, too much wanting financial profit. You are liars and warring fools attracted to winning by bombing. You wish to conquer and own even more, you wish to control everything, you think you are better than the rest of the world. You are scared of radicalism and anything different. You are lost already. You think God is on your side. Your society works for the rich, by the rich to exploit the poor and the rest of the world. Anyone who believes what you say is an idiot.

Radicalism in the world is much due to what kind of politics the US has been conducting during the 20th century. Still fearing Communism and Feminism, I feel sorry for you especially for your fears. Because you do not see yourselves and you do not even try to make things better. Go fuck yourselves!