Making of Stuck on with Sticky Fingers

Quiet on the set.  Nobody is. Lights…red, yellow, orange, blue, violet, black and white Camera…my little ones O&P, Action! around, what does it mean, I don’t always know, because I work on impulse, in an instant that’s the beauty of making art to me. Ok, is this a confessions site? Maybe, yes I’m a bad bad bad bad girl. How bad are you? Maybe I’ll kick your ass. Should I tell you what you want to hear or what I want to say. There may be a difference there. It’s not always pleasant to live, why should art be pleasant. To make life pleasent. I see art as a tool, a process, an organism. So what I’m trying to say is why put creativity into a sweet box, when it, creation comes out as an explosion. Doesn’t make sense. That’s how I have learned to do, It’s important to find the form for your thought so others may understand you honey, to understand me, why do I have to be so clear, nothing is clear anyway, it’s a mess, and I’m making smaller and smaller till nothing is left. Are you destroying your creativity? I don’t know. How can one kill ones creativity? What is creativity? Isn’t it equal to living like breathing. Cut cut WHat What Weird theatre.