My sentiments poor thing: you just think in a very predictable way

me to be e, to be what you think in your way is strength. What do you mean, in your way, exactly? or You think is strength exactly, at all, physical or mental, is it a thing of comparison, to know? This or that, either way, what you lack is its depth and the dark where one cannot see, a place which is deep and dark at night.
Me to be a letter, me, to be a. Why should not I have all kinds of feelings about it, the good in destruction, there is humiliation, of course, I will be humiliated. I with lack, me the inferior by this and that, of course, I want you badly to look, how else I am the one to be belittled, take a look. Destroyed by looks is a weird process, if you subject to it. Want me to be a? So, I want you to b b.