To challenge the brain, do schools do that enough?

It can feel like a nuisance, it is hard work, it requires focus and questioning, endless questioning and especially challenging the society. Society that does not want to be challenged is the one that has to be put against the wall. I am puzzled how easily information that is incorrect passes as correct and people think they know someone.. To hear a rumor about someone does not mean you know anything about the person rumor is about, but it tells something about the people who pass the rumor on. Never forget. Better choose your friends more carefully.

To challenge the brain is our duty. It is truly strange to know how little faith people have for the brain, how little respect this organ actually gets. When we are what we think, how does it show on the outside? Schools just doing their jobs (mere existence is not it, nor is the power status or delivering diplomas) without interest for students as individuals thinking little of students means not to pay attention to the constant development of education and people as persons, and what needs to be taught. Is it what society thinks need to be taught, what is trending at the moment like making apps and how do we make a fortune? Most important seems to be who we know. It is a high credit. (Does not have much to do with credit but something quite different.)

Lack of interest is the worst crime an educator can do as is contempt towards students. You know how contempt shows? When teachers become too comfortable and full of themselves at that high valuable position which means power, what kind of power do they have is quite interesting. For those who study much as myself importance of high quality teaching is vital and poor quality is seen more often than should be allowed. Undervaluing happens too easily and it is intolerable as it is a continuous nonstop happening. When evidence of capabilities is not good enough why present any. When hearsay is more trustworthy than knowing the facts it is simply wrong and out of the question when we have to know the truth about things. When university does this one can ask where is the university, what university. The kind of teacher I have met at art schools is the one who does it for the money and when student knows more than the teacher studying is useless, don’t you think. You have contempt for your students: fuck off. You have contempt for new ways of expressing, thinking and doing you are in the wrong place. When you repeat same kind of methods from year out year in do you really believe in what you do? For quality of teaching which we all of course desperately want because it is so scarce teachers also need to do their homework. Are teachers worth the money they are paid, worth the time to go to the course where teacher is not interested in what students know already. You don’t know what your students know and can do you should ask them.