What we need is what we are?

We are in desperate need constantly. It shows on social media, on magazines, in everything that is placed around. Our emotional life grows out from bodily and mental yearnings, lacking and trying to fill in. To learn what can be filled and what is not necessary is important. It is about prioritizing one’s needs and deeds. To hold down desires is the stoic and religious demand which is still held an ideal even though constant growth is a victorious and ultimate demand. To do the impossible and win, conquer and possess. Hedonism is bad, a sign of decay and is when we give all power to our lust and when we keep lusting for more without care and consideration. Overeating, drinking, thinking that via owning we become better people, through becoming famous we will be admired and looked up, when we are rich we are better than etc. Whatever the needs are everyone has them, everyone battles with them. We are in constant situation where we are compared to each other and we are not enough, we do not have enough and to be good we must gain more. This winning and competing way of living and thinking may work up to a point. When is the braking point we will see, it is going to be smashing. But all this it is nothing more than survival of the fittest, survival of humans who have illusions of grandiose. The fittest and mightiest are those who can grasp the best things for themselves and keep them.

To feel pure joy, feel content, satisfied, have admiration, love and fulfilment are lovely things and we like to indulge, coddle and pamper ourselves and those we love. Needless to say we are able to control our needs very poorly meaning hunger grows while eating. There is always more to be had. Human is a dreamer. The further the better. Basic needs must be filled or we will die. At the moment fulfilling those very basic need could be done more rationally and economically without bloodshed, without massive operations, without causing of epidemic destruction. How to fulfil basic needs of all beings is the question of what can be taken and what must be given back. How much can be taken for granted and when it is time to slow down. Fractured world does not work as one big whole. There are needs which are not met that cause conflicts. Forever growth economy-wise is a dream which is seen a reality as there are natural resources that are not exploited. Idea is what is not yet used all the way it shall be so quite soon. There are needs that are not heard nor seen, they are ignored.

How well needs are to be fulfilled like need for nature to be clean and left in peace. In which ways do we see our needs in comparison to needs of others? By fulfilling our urges where does the limit go of enough because as rational humans we must know when to stop but we do not,. We do not know when to share, what is mine to take, what is not. To give is part of learning the importance of collective fulfilling of needs. To be passive and still is a need. It can be very beneficial for the environment and for people. At the moment tendency is as we know that Champagne does not flow down as the trickle down theory suggests, everybody may not like Champagne. How does it show that to do nothing could be beneficial is a case of deep analysis of how our desires reflect to society, and what is to do nothing. How our inbuilt needs and deeds make society and how our relationships, connections, networks work as functional tools we need.