How much of ourselves do we reveal?

What is necessary and what is not, but we keep hidden and treasure. Hidden personal info which is necessary to keep hidden. Rational, calculating, manipulative and maybe a human thing it is to be seen by other people, need to be seen but not seen through hopefully, place oneself to be seen, looked at, at least that is how people like to think of themselves that they are looked at not inspected. To have secrets is one basic ingredient. Looks is therefore one secret to be solved. We are analyzed all the time, everything is a sign. People like to think they are not open books but mostly they are nothing but. You just have to know what to look for, there are strings to pull. How cynical is that. How do I know what someone is thinking? I’m not a psychic but what people think of other people and what people want is something always relevant and there always is something to want and take. It is a basic human interest, self-interest and suspicion, danger one way or another. There is no trust but I’ll have what you have and call it mine. Person is present in the conversation even if nothing much is said, all is in the how things are said, what is said, why people do things and what are they getting from doing the things. Bias can be and is something one can rely on. It exists in a way that you can never avoid facing bias. To know what the other is thinking know the bias against you and assumptions about your kind. It is not of course 100%, nothing usually is but it is a very strong guiding light to acknowledge that we like think we know more than we do. To know oneself is hard enough and to be secretive can be an advantage, respectable.
Still to guess what people do and think about is quite easy. Why? To me it has appeared that community molds people very strongly, how for example young girls from certain background, upbringing, education and culture behave and what they want, what they think of themselves, their possibilities, other people, what life can offer them can be frighteningly similar and bound to that particular group. As is many people do not know what they reveal of themselves merely by facial and bodily expressions, how they stand, what they are wearing, how they look at other people, what do they say or do they speak only for those who they think they can speak to, they feel safe with, do they team up with people and what kind, how they respond to strange people and how they take their space. It is amazing how quickly we catch up with in a strange environment with strange people just by looking and observing.