Act of bomb shell

Something began with Mae West continuing to Jane Mansfield and Marilyn Monroe to whom many blond big breasted beautiful women in limelight are connected. The biggest role for Norma Jean Baker was Marilyn Monroe and it was not bad acting at all. Marilyn Monroe perfected celebrity performance live act. How could anybody say she was a bad actress? Stupidity, clumsiness, unaware flirting supposed weaknesses of female sex embodied as a childlike doll, inabilities, drunkenness, forgetting her lines and singing. Who is she like when she is like that, why do we tolerate her like that, let her do what she does and adore her, are endlessly interested in her still? Was she doing what she was told to do, to act nice and look beautiful, smile, wave, walk, be perky bubbly adorable magnet. If you are not smiling you are troubled and rumors get wings, there are pictures of you with wrinkles on your forehead, hand on your face, face looking sad, you distant and depressed-looking. Sad beauty is not fun. She is pathetic and it is time to find a new one who will entertain us with her moves and nonsense kind of puppuppiduu and I love you’s. Is she on medication, does she do drugs, why does she drink? What is her problem? How can someone so beautiful have such problems?
That she is a manipulating calculating bitch who knows what she is doing turns the thing of childish stupidity around and her more of a product of her own doing. She is like a victim but she does it herself. Nobody is forcing her to become the sex bomb other than herself but sex bombing is the way for her to be seen and get ahead in her career. She gets to be noticed. There is interest in her, she is wanted to be seen, perform, asked to TV-shows, interviewed. What is the interest in with whom she is having sex? Sex is what gets us to be interested in her and how she is sexual in front of us, what she is daring to do and behaving ways most of us wouldn’t dare in public. To look at someone who is daring is a turn on, exciting and fun, a riot kind of boost. She is crossing a limit, stepping over and looking what happens.
Then we do not know the whole story and we start inventing what is she like and why is she doing what she does, what is her motivation, what is her problem, is she talented at all, what does she have what others do not. She is using us for her benefit, isn’t she? Seduction of come look at me, look what I have got, would you like to touch and have a piece of me, dream of me, just look at me. Tragedy is when sex bomb cannot be anything else even though she would like to. We don’t want her as anyone else but as that posing body wearing a tight dress and smiling face which is eternally youthful white pure but dirty underneath. All is told but nothing is said. Something remains the same and is like a circle. White blond bleached retouched lifted up tightened squeezed into erased immortalized repeated over and over again. Is she in trouble, is she the trouble, what did she do, who does she think she is? She is nothing and everything, she is diminished and made big. What a contrast and battle to have. How is it possible to stay in that role, keep that pose, keep that white and that form of body?

Game da, what does a terrorist look like and are blonds da, I think I am being realistic, don’t you think

Game of people, people in the game, people gaming, placing the bets, hitting, scoring, this is how it goes; thinking you know is better than the actual knowledge of someone or something. Also importantly in the case of measuring others is the notion of unreliability of emotions, the amount of our emotional life, how we respond to what we feel, the quantity and quality of our emotions making us. We let emotions guide our doings, our choices, our words. We are very much emotional in our actions, not as rational as we like to see ourselves. Reason is an interesting concept in terms of feelings, as a ruler of Western civilization and what comes to emotional decision-making what part does reason play. Is it also a facade and a choice of appearance to wear reason like clothing. It is there, but it is not there.

Same goes with thinking you know, like living life in make-believe world, a bubble, which is more or less delusional multi-world in which we see glances and tiny fractions and imagine the rest, the make-believe. I like to think the world of people as huge imaginative lust for greatness and glory with disappointments. World of imaginary creations to become the material world, dreams and aspirations. What do we really want? The Material, which are the possessions you want, desire, get and own, guard and become. As you become your possessions, reflection of what you own, you begin to see others through that same lens, measuring their worth through what they own and don’t, as status and position ruled by wealth and fortune. It is gaming with sex and gender, money and status, greed, jealousy, hate, lust etc. emotional cocktails and attempts in trying to hide them in calling it ‘love’ and beautiful. To glorify oneself some are willing to do most anything with a little help.

What kind of features in people are favoured, liked and how much do these features change in time? What effects in the decision of how we favour, who are amiable, who aim to please and who pleases. Which features are not liked, why something is liked and some characteristics are not? It would be easy if negative characteristics would be in the list *of course not liked*. I have been wondering how much the time we live now is feeding narcissism, abusive behaviour, intolerance and bullying. I guess the ways of treating each other badly may change but the amount of abuse and wrong doings stay the same. This is the essential question when stereotypes are analysed or any kind of categorizing happens, liking someone, what is that. Does liking relate to building a net of socialites and gaining power through relations and who you know. How do we connect and why?

In being an artist to possess and connect have special meanings, they are the core of the art world, to have, gain and so forth. So these negative emotions and effects of doing art have to be thought through, firstly: is that what I want?