Oh, Sensuela.

Oh Sensuela.

Only my irrational need to sense, sensibility and sentences. Slim moments of beauty. Grasping all of them. For those who take pleasure from flesh, pleasures of flesh really so rare, though we seek it constantly to have seconds of thrill. Hold it, keep it, till it has passed so quickly. Another one and another, like drops of something to drink dripping. Something has gone waste, the most of it.

Portrait of a missing, pencil on paper, 2015

Women and swearing/ What is art? Who is an artist?/Misogyny

Women and swearing

Bodies online, pencil on paper, 2015-

Women and swearing

They say swearing does not suit women. If a dick can be put in my mouth, swearing fits there quite perfectly. They say swearing makes women unattractive. To me the most unattractive thing is to tell what I can say. They say for women to swear is unladylike. They say it is not nice and makes women look aggressive. Aggressive is what I want to look like. Do you know why?