Vapaata riistaa: naiset ja alkoholi. Miksi naiset juovat?/ Fair game: Women and alcohol. Why women drink?

Drunk passed out, Why women drink? (because it is fun), oil pastel and watercolor on paper, acrylic on canvas, 2015-

Based on images online and the reality how females are and become exploitable goods when intoxicated and how that reputation continues with no end. To my experience too when a woman is drunk attitudes change towards her, become negative or maybe they already were and now it is ok to show them and to hear I’ll be glad to abuse you, is a normal. In a group when this happens and nobody defends you, you can end up in a pretty bad place. Topic of talk changes immediately to sex when you are incoherent. Exploitation and abuse are so normal, people clearly see them as justified and she deserves what she gets. She did this to herself.

Politics of exploitation: When you are against exploitation as leftism originally is, you probably should understand what it is and means, like leftists today, do you even know what you are talking about? In art it looks they don’t. To have a glow of leftism makes you more desirable I understand. So next time you see a woman wasted, don’t treat her as garbage, it makes you garbage as well and it isn’t what decent people do, not even leftists. Someone got drunk, so what? That man got drunk but it is ok for him, it’s fun. Make sure drunkards don’t choke on vomit because choking on art is an option. Imagine it is still 2007 in many people’s minds.

What she deserves?
It is true, I have a condition and it is called Fuck you. Dye yourself blonde, dye your hair blonde, change yourself completely is the message. It equals beauty. Be skinny and fit, it equals to what? Torture? What is it? Essentials to being beautiful is to be less and not aggressive, agreeable to a point you can’t say anything back, be nice so that you do not disturb and it is what it means to be a woman and behaving like one. How to be pleasant wearing Crazy Love the fragrance is a tightrope and you are under looking glass. The flaw is in you.

Beauty is subjective. It is when you are able to do what you want and be free? To stick penis into her mouth and make her choke, make her throw up as she should, die as she should, killed by penis in her mouth, mouth like a sewer. Beauty is in the image and you are not it. That is discussed, being disgusted by her feeling empowered by herself and taking that feeling away it is the right thing to do, she does not deserve to feel powerful.

She deserves it