My task as an artist

Of course I am going to say things you do not like. I’m saying it because nobody else is not, because we are supposed to be scared and be careful of what we say and do. Of course I am going to do other than what you expect me to do, I do as I see best. You do not like honesty, it is clear. Honesty hurts, it is brutal. There is no other way of growing and evolving than being honest. Of course I am going to bring up issues you do not want to see and hear about. Why am I talking about things that were? Aren’t we over those things? Why do I look back like it would matter what happened before? It is because nothing has changed and the same happens over and over again. Things that were are also things that will be. We haven’t changed that much if at all. My task as an artist is to make you look at yourself, make you see what is going on, what happens, what chances do we have and what if we do not have any?

That is also a task of an activist. Can one be activist alone? Obviously yes.