Strange to be commented by people

strange to be commented by people about my weight who themselves are fat
strange to be commented by people who themselves do not know how to dress well, they just think they do
strange to be commented by people who have alcohol problem about addictions of others
strange to be commented by people who clearly are not well in the head but think they are well and normal
strange to be commented by people who have issues, the same people are pointing out issues of others like they were any concern of theirs
strange to be commented by people who don’t know what the fuck they are talking about but still talk
strange to be commented by people who do not know you or better yet have never met you
strange to be commented by people who think they are superior when they in many ways are not ““Don’t you get it? you yelled back. I will never feel as free as you do, I will never feel as at home in the world. I will never feel as at home in my own skin. That’s just the way it is, and always will be.””

It has been mind-blowing to witness how impossible it is for many to understand experience of another. This I see as lack of empathy and compassion. It is indifference and ignorance, lack of imagination. How I for example am seen as someone who holds many things to be envious for still am very marginalized and I continue to marginalize myself because modern society is in many ways intolerable and unlivable for me. I see it hostile not welcoming. I am someone who is totally unaccepted. I should enjoy things others enjoy and I am seen as an outcast when I don’t participate these things I am supposed to enjoy just like everybody else. I should want things I don’t want, like things I don’t like, have things I don’t want to have, be like everybody else. Pressure is huge. Those things are taken for granted and we are to have fun, where is the fun? Many issues that belong to a normal ‘healthy’ living of Western people are decided for them and we are given this luxury but do we have freedom of choice? ““At the most basic level, imagination is the mental representation of things that are not immediately present to your senses,” says Scott Barry Kaufman, a psychologist at the University of Pennsylvania.

That is, imagination is whatever you’re thinking about when whatever you’re thinking about isn’t actually there in front of you.”
Negative feelings bitterness, envy, hate, disappointment, grudge, greed we dwell in remind us of our weakness, not weakness of others. Something to have is kindness. Who deserve your kindness is the question we ask ourselves all the time and what kind of kindness should we grant to people. To think well of someone you do not know or of anyone is a task for everybody. Practiced every day. I talk about envy especially as it is demanding for us to give and let others flourish.