Feminism is against fascism, slavery, discrimination of any kind, bullying, killing, abuse, extortion, torture, rip off and exploitation. Feminism is for equal human rights, freedom of expression, peace, right and freedom to live in peace, freedom for everybody to speak their minds, to be heard, taken seriously, respected and valued as individuals who are feeling and thinking people.

To those who this rings bells you might be a feminist. Feminist the activist, advocate of rights of women and children and therefore of all people, boys and girls. Feminist usually is a woman who is not afraid to speak up and act for those who need help, are in need and she helps herself because there often is a deep personal experience of discrimination, sexism that has happened over and over again in patterns and ways that do not change until they are forced to change. Feminist is the one who is not afraid to be trashed by many for her belief in equality, to be herself, who is not afraid to protest in a way she sees fit, usually in provocative way making many angry because there truly are plenty of people who do not want human rights for all nor equality to apply all, people who want to protect rights of the rich, white females and males, protect power of the elite, white power, male power, patriarchy or whatever that is called nowadays. Feminism is not a movement that would not have a mission today, quite on a contrary. It has got plenty to accomplish.
Why is this so confusing?
http://radicalsoapbox.com/is-neo-liberalism-really-fascism-light/ “This elite owns the privatised public sector, which includes gas, electricity, water, telecommunications, airports, air traffic control, airlines, railways, bus services, and most recently the Royal Mail. The outsourcing companies run an ever-increasing part of our public services, covering social security, correctional services, employment services, the NHS, the disabled, the educational sector, the care sector, etc.
Today, it is conveniently forgotten that the financial base of household names such as ThyssenKrupp, Mercedes, BMW, VW, Porsche and Hugo Boss all came from the vast profits made under the Nazi government, when there were no unions, few regulations and cheap labour – very often slave labour from the concentration camps.


There is a living tradition of honour killing. Finland is no exception.

We all know deep inside there is no honour in killing. It makes one wonder as there is much violence and killing in the world someone must find killing an honorary deed, to defend one’s honour one can do terrible things. Death penalty is one way of keeping culture of honour killing culture alive. Life for life, face for face. As woman for many is less than a man it may be easier to kill that woman so that the man can live in honour, in the kind of honour he finds honourable. Some think there is honour in silence. By silencing the shameful one is one way of killing, to turn one’s back for the one who is not wanted, who is trouble, who brings out the trouble and those who do not want trouble are allowed to do whatever they want by the permission of the rest of the good people.

During a visit to Washington in January, the 60-year-old Wallstrom told the United States Institute of Peace (USIP): “We are going to pursue a feminist foreign policy.” But since she took the role of Stockholm’s top diplomat, Wallstrom’s “feminist foreign policy” appears to be causing many problems for the Nordic Kingdom.”