Quest for presentable.

How culture pushes us to mold our appearance into admired package to be wanted? We want to be wanted. What are those forces that do not give us permission to be accepted as such, as we desire to look like, but make us follow given patterns and imitate images that show who are wanted? Is it due to beauty norms which all the time change as does fashion, what is hip and what to have, what to be, where to be? Isn’t it weakness to follow beauty norms of others, to let one’s mind be dictated by machinery that only cares about profit? It is the weakness of modernism, modern man, and also as such a contradiction as modern man is supposed to be individual and original maker of one’s fate.

The most I have faced the norms is by men who have very strict norms for women in mind meaning that a woman is a continuation to a man to stand by a man and is seen with a man as his. Everything is measured from head to toe. Woman is to be with a man to complement him to bring him something extra. She is his choice either good or bad. Idea is to manipulate environment believe how good this man is. The thought of a man who is seen with this and this kind of woman and what of it. To accept and value woman as equal person is extremely difficult to implement in a world where woman is an object without capabilities other than what are believed to be hers. It is a sad reality of how life for us to live is for eyes of others to show off, continue a wreck culture. Basic thoughts of women as for someone to mold in order to serve and please.