3 kiloa ydinluita
3-4 L vettä
300-400g lipeää tai koivutuhkalipeää
3 rkl suolaa

Vesi ja ja osa lipeästä sekoitetaan ja kun vesi alkaa kiehua, lisätään luut. N. puolitoista tuntia kiehumista, siivilöidään. Lisätään lipeä, jos keitoksen pinnalle on noussut rasvaa. Saippuan on oltava venyvää ja sakeaa, jolloin lisätään suola. Saa kiehahtaa. Otetaan hyytymään. Pinnalle muodostuu saippuakerros ja pohjalle tulee niinsanottua suopaa.


500 g rasvoja
puolitoista litraa vettä
80-100 lipeäkiveä
2 rkl suolaa

How to draw a bambi?

How to draw a bambi?

How to draw a bambi?
You need to ditch that chewing gum.

You think about the
bambi gliding puzzled on ice with other drawn characters in the movie.

You will shit on yourself when you die. Timeless truth which makes you want to eat less.

Take a pen and draw big eyes.
Imagine babylike head of a deer.
Cuteness, big eyelashes, watery watery
puzzled eyes. Start with kind strokes with the pen like you were petting the head with your hand. Draw outlines and hair bit by bit, slowly. What kind of ears do bambis’ (bombs) have?
Kind of delicate but large.

I wanna be a model and be seen by many. I wanna be discovered, I wanna be found, I wanna be rich.

I wanna be a model and be seen by many. I wanna be discovered, I wanna be found, I wanna be rich.

Hi, my name is, hi my name is, Hi, my name is, I would really like to be a model, I would really like to be a model, I would really like to be a model, a high fashion model, a high fashion model. I am sixteen years of age, I am fifteen, I am eighteen years of age. I come from Russia, I come from Latvia, I come from Poland. I have long blond hair and blue eyes, I weight fifty kilos and am 175 centimeters tall. I can walk and look the look. I love high heels and miniskirts and I turn the heads on the street when I walk. I have been told I could be a model, because I am beautiful and slank. That is what you want, isn’t it. Here is my picture. I also have a portfolio of poses taken by a professional photographer. To be in a magazine on front page is my dream and to be admired. True woman is feminine and takes care of her femininity.

Despair? What despair?

How to be a unicorn.

Dear tourists, you who escape and fly to beautiful resorts and wish to enjoy fantastic exotic natural clean environment, warmth and relaxed atmosphere to do things you do not do at home, experience and see something extraordinary for this extraordinary be part of you. What is fun is a very personal feeling, a choice, a preference, interest, way to experience, a matter of what kinds of things turn us on and give us joy, pleasure and make us feel alive, what we want to show of ourselves and be like. To go far away is to feel alive and become experienced, cultured, having had the luxury, being privileged enough to have had the time and money to travel. Idea of travelling is important, choosing where one wants to go and why, as leaving is refreshing, renewing. It is part of the enjoyment of travelling that responsibilities are left behind. While travelling one can use something and discard it, there are people who clean it after you.

My proposal is to renew the idea of the everyday tourist. Consider the amount of waste you produce. Consider how you travel and where. Clean the beach before you sunbathe. Reconsider the idea of fun and experiencing. Think what is your purpose as a traveller, what is that place you go to, purpose of travelling for you, purpose of you to that place, taking the time to go as a person who can. What kinds of things you pay attention to and why?

Finland Fucks. Watercolours at home.

Finland fucks

Gloomy tale, fuck me.

Sex play number one. We went into his car and I sucked his dick. Don’t  know who he
was. I didn’t care. It was a brisk Autumn night. We went into his apartment and I
sucked his dick. It had already started to snow heavily and that felt good. We moved
on to his bed and I sucked his dick. It kept snowing. We kept changing the place of
action while I sucked his dick. Sun came up and I sucked his dick in slow motion.
You could see the windows were covered with dust and fingerprints and you could
see the street. I saw his dick and I took it into my mouth.
We went to a department store toilet and I sucked his dick. We did some grocery
shopping and went to the car at the parking lot where I sucked his dick. And I truly
hoped that everybody saw. He drove us to a deserted place and while doing that I
sucked his dick. When we got there I sucked his dick. How the story ends? It

Gloomy tale, fuck me.