Where do we come from? Who are we? Who are you? What about me?

This site is dedicated (among other things) to The Holy Vagina. An ancient cult recreated to bring respect for the cunt and to women in this world now. To the one that brings life and joy. Is the word cunt contemptuous? For me not, but for many it is so, as the word cunt is the most used profanity, at least in little Fifi, I have wondered why. Therefore have come to the conclusion that others worship Vagina aswell. Marvellous!! As the word is powerful, short, angry, dirty, ugly, edgy etc. Lots of things how important it must be. Vittu Yes! Curious that a shame between female legs is so often spoken out loud in context of anger.
Note: Women and girls are attacked, raped, abused, violated, brutaly treated around the Globe all the time and it is time to put an end to that. Women are not possessions for men to have. Don’t you forget it, Darling.