Mental illness is something to hide and be ashamed of, even though it is not up to you whether you get sick or not.

“Today’s NBA is filled with players who come from less-than-stable circumstances. Their very presence in the league — even if they’re nothing more than a towel-waver— is a testament to their fortitude and ability to better themselves.”

Topic I know all too well. Crazy is a word often used of artists, people who walk different paths than most, who choose to live in a way that is out of mainstream. It is strange how little things may seem crazy and scary to people who seek comfortable and familiar, want to live in security following rules and guides how to live a life and do not want to know, learn, be close to nor get to know the unknown, try themselves or the environment because they are scared. To chose safe is the craziest thing, to choose so that you won’t challenge yourself is also stupid.