Built from the street?

I idealize prostitutes, sex workers. Should I defend myself for it? In movies they are often the most beautiful characters, flamboyant, fleshy, flashy, loud, hurt, always getting up from some deep hole, beaten, spat at, surviving. Cars and prostitutes, clothes and postures, bending, asses, legs, shoes, gestures, suggestions, make-up, fed up faces, police stations. Prostitutes the individuals and persons, strength, misery, injustice, choice, fast lived life, death which somehow is around the corner. In my mind there is an image of unshameful femininity and not at all defeated, but standing on high heels. To me it seems I am not alone with this. They, those women, hookers are well represented in our culture, talked about, shouted out, shouted at. We are curious about those beings who sell their bodies. Generally prostitutes are seen the lowest of the low, victims and drug users and in this country hookers are not visible other than in movies and on TV. So they as people are kind of real life imaginary creatures, secrets and whispers, forbidden and wanted. In movies prostitute is a common character. They light up the police station and the dark alley, brothels are colorful hideaways where people can anonymously get whipped.
Whores are interesting people to whom happen things that normal working people may not face. The ordinary and normal can be appalled by it. Prostitutes look like fairy tales, fairy tale figures, fantasies themselves fulfilling fantasies of others. It is terrible to call someone a whore. It is terrible to end up a whore against will of one’s own. Much is emphasized on the horror of prostitution, brutality of sex trade. Abolishing the business hardly is possible, hypocrisy on the other hand makes lives of prostitutes difficult. Contradiction is curious as I see prostitutes are much imitated in entertainment, fashion photography = advertising. Dangerous living is a luring image, a fantasy which is the imitated possession of prostitutes, their wealth, a lifestyle.