Sky is dirty, 2001, BOOm! Age of innocence.

Who is afraid of ass? Nobody nowadays, question only is what size it is and how it was made. Body needs work as it is looked at and certain parts are looked at. Naturalness which we appreciate cannot be anything but a result of hard work. Still nudity is scary even in art, which has led me thinking what does it mean, the fear, scandalising body, seeing something that cannot be looked at because it reveals something of the viewer, especially female body and showing of it, looking at bodies is telling. The fear is to be ridiculed, seen, judged, losing opportunities because of the shame of being seen, what else? Female body in art is on display but is it for the shock value, beauty the value, for artistic value (what makes artistic value?), difference in how body is displayed and what is desired from this show, exploration of human form, what happens in time to human body and how we perceive it and receive it, how we accept it or not, what else? Menstruation the word and sight is too much to take, is nudity any less? We are judged by what we reveal, what we watch, how we want ourselves to be seen, how others expect we must be seen and how not.

My body does revolution

Define a nice body, the nicest body, say you have a nice body. Why do we constantly look at our bodies? Bodies of others? Bodies, booties, chests, breasts, hips, thighs, elbows, faces, hair.
Tell me is it your body the one you are in, is it the nicest one you could have? The one you are in, you inhabit, the one you look at, the one you look faults from, compare, torment.
Is it a body you wish you had?
How will you have a body of dreams of this culture of body, such a body?
What kind of body your body is?
How will your body evolve to be the one you’d like? What will you have to do?
What kind of effort does a body need? What does body need? Bodies that have needs or minds who need bodies?
How to enjoy body, why are bodies to be enjoyed firstly? What is the culture of hedonism, vanity and lust that craves nice bodies?


Openness that is seen as an invitation to invade and intrude.

She is sex. She wants sex. She thinks of sex. She sees sex. She likes sex. She is sex. She invites to sex. She inspires to sex. She is sex. She thinks of sex. She means sex. She wears sex. She looks like she wants sex. She looks for sex. She is the reason to sex. She is her rape. She is evil. She is luring. She is bad, just bad. She is twisted. She is sex. She is for sex. She is to be penetrated and won. She is a prize. She is trash. She is to be owned. She is to be thrown away. It is her sex. She is dangerous. Her sex is to be controlled, tied and bound. It is her idea. It is in her, the idea of sex. My God it’s her.