Nothing is unpolitical. So choose wisely.


It is dangerous for the whole society to have an university that is scared, that avoids consciously touching issues that might cause losing of means and ‘valuable contacts’. This is how the all of arts functions, via contacts and fear. What kind of visual contents gets to be seen, used and spread through the ‘official’ machinery that produces mass media and material for the consumers is the heavy question. If those who make the mainstream visuals are not interested in politics or are unaware and/or scared to comment openly, what kind of atmosphere do we make?

In the politically flammable world to take sides is risky, but it is even more risky not to have anything to say. It is risky for the future of democracy. It is unethical not to defend human rights, not to speak for equality and act against conformity. University that does no openly object oppression, dictatorship and slavery is a rotten university, anti-intellectual and unreliable in terms of research. Middle class bourgeoisie is backs and heads turned into wrong way, turned into a silent wall, against an open and equal world.

I am not even expecting you to acknowledge. I am expecting a defensive wave. That is how you protect yourselves and your kind. Living in denial and liking it. Lack of self-criticism and inability to change make a society that serves and protects those who already have power.