For those who have no one

Love is always there in the air. It is there to be grabbed. As much as one can, but does one grab air, what is there. Persuasion, seduction, grabbing, taking, touching, trying to get hold of it, the feeling and own it, because it feels good.
It is a cruel thing to say, in a way, it is up to you.
To think, that affection, trust and caring would be available like a natural resource. They are, in a way,
natural and seen as human behavior to care. Is it to take advantage, ferociously, demanding one to flourish.
In a way, to love is an invented game of survival, complex plan of wanting to be wanted. Something to master and know, but still fail at it. Not be defeated by it. There is no direct path to get what one wants.
Something we are born to do constantly is want. What is to have no one? Who is one, anyone to have?
I am. I have me.