I welcome every attack against the fashion industry and its ideals.

Vanity. Beauty. Death. About us. Style of ours tell for those who are observing a tale. Those who pay attention to our paying attention. Our interest to give an outer message without saying a word. Telling of our values to those who are interested in making an opinion, opinionated image of a person to go for, stick to or discard, an identity to like or not. It can be pretty extreme, fascist and casting a curse. How we dress, for what, for who. What are we saying via fashion is quite much and still not that interesting. Protection can be so secondary, but survival is an acute need, to please and find similar kinds. What we want to look like, that there is a message on us, much telling instantly to approve or not. Fashion is the extra layer in clothing and accessories called the personal touch, attitude, wealth, personal choice of appearance, ideology via ownership fashion owning a person. Thinking of possessing a style, someone, wearing a style to belong, a set of ideas to stand for. Being a master of style stands for what, why master style? How personal are we nowadays is matter of an opinion, but we need to stay warm. There is out of fashion, there are the in things, fabulousness, expensiveness, costly in many ways like gold, sex and youth in glitter (but do we care, because the attitude is not to give a fuck, clicky clack). Sound, smell, instant flash of couple of seconds in which we decide whether we like or not. What we think, think, think, think.  We like, like, like, like. What kind of thoughts are there to like.
To rule, to dictate, to own, to stand for. What stands out?
We do not want to express banality but luxury, sexiness, gender, affording a way of life and having age, youthfulness. That is what we choose thinking we are extraordinary with good taste, affording the taste with luring alive sexuality, position and stylishness to belong to. Style stands for knowledgeable in some ways, up to a point. Those up to date people who follow their time in context of constantly changing image of what is good to be and how to live in speed. Spending and consuming in a fast train to live a little. It’s a party. Making money, spending resources, being free to do so, having time and taking over space. How much fashion and trends represents personality, time, desires, how much people, who choose trends represent people wearing those trends, those buying trends. Superhero trendsetter choose how to look, what to represent. The chosen men and women with magic to give.
What is there to represent. If models would be average street walkers fashion would be very different not in an uninteresting way. Average is not what most want to be, but original. It is the average street-walker who spend and follow. Outstanding is cool. What is cheap? To stand out like nobody else or go with the crowd. Body shape and size dictate a lot in forms and shapes of clothes and how things look on human figure. Fashion is a necessity for us to feel good about ourselves, to express ourselves, but we can get obsessed and fucked up as we pay a lot of attention to appearance. It is not pointless nor useless. It is not useless to criticize fashion industry. Looking ab fab is rotten, a slippery road to break our backbone. It is not unimportant how clothes are manufactured, what they are made of and how we choose the clothes we wear. How we exclude and include, forget and do not see.

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