My Little Pony, the Moralist.

My fun is not your fun. My morals are not your morals. My morals still fall on you. I fall on you. My fun is not fun for you. I am not sorry. My good is your good, my God is not your God. If it is not I have my fun. My fun is mine, but it should be yours. We should all have fun. Fun is all we have in common we humans. We are all one aren’t we. But we want all to have the same fun. Some fun. We should all be the same, so we would not have all the problems we do, not understanding each other is not fun in this fun. We want all to laugh at same things in mutual understanding and enjoyment. That is good times, that is good manners, that is how things get made, that is humanity. Slap on the shoulder. Hop around, jump according to my fun. My fun, my fun, my fun, my fun. It is all about my fun.

My gun is not your gun. Break the rules, but don’t break my rules. When you break the rules make sure you do it right. Don’t do it wrong. There are rules for breaking the rules. Rules are not there to be broken but obeyed. They are there for a reason. Can you guess the reasons? I have my gun.

To make something new one thing has to be broken into something else in order it not be the same again.

This is a gun.