What does it mean when you do your job only? It’s a sin.

It is as if your job is given to you by someone and you manage to accomplish the given tasks nothing more, only the things you are getting paid for. It is the same to say I do what I am told to do. This is orders, these are the instructions and I follow them to the dot blindly because to do otherwise or invent alternative ways of doing might break a rule, a code, mix things up, make a mess we do not want, create situations we do not want to create, make new problems to solve and perhaps solve more than is necessary. This is clear. Rules are there for a reason.

Thinking in a way of a bureaucracy loving obedient citizen who thinks someone making the rules is absolutely right is also a very good way to avoid responsibility, accountability and it is lazy as hell. To avoid thinking for yourself is intellectual laziness, stops progress and is a mortal sin against creativity and variety. The way of robots is to do as they are programmed to do, if they fail to do as requested they are malfunctioning. We malfunction when we become robots.