I have a recommendation for hotels and restaurants: please ask help when you purchase art in to your enterprises. It will be worth your while.

To find quality is of course priority with suitable price. Fast food culture has had an impact on all of culture from constructing to interior design to creating public places for us all to enjoy. I have not found much enjoyable spaces lately in public places. How much should quality cost and how do we recognize quality is something worth digging into. There are merchants and con men as there are projects and opportunities trying to make the most profit as always. When making something worth while is all about making the best profit consequences will be somewhat and more or less foul. Money that goes down the drain is clearly wasted. When worth while goes in the meaning of fortunes being made the worth while is meant for few players who are in it for the money. When we talk about art and making it accessible to the people for many to enjoy art in every day, tourism is not the first priority. Tourists follow something that has proved to be valuable locally, benefiting ordinary people. Shipping something expensive ready-made as a tourist attraction is the effect glued on without wanting to see what there really is on the spot. When restaurants and hotels wish more tourists to visit and they think art will do to attracting please pay attention to what kind of art you will purchase in your facilities in which those tourists will spend time, eat their meals and sleep. There are paintings and photographs on walls of every hotel room, in every restaurant. When you wish to benefit from art and work of artists, it is good to consider how you do it.

Cheapness and posters rarely do any tricks in attracting anyone, nor do plastic flowers and photographs of misty mountains, but they are cheap as kitsch usually is.

When all beauty must fade for us to have a mall on top, it is time to fight.

When power is manifested in what one can buy, by outer traits and with machines to kill power means one has all the means to take lives, a god-like leader without superpowers though. A super power is to maintain, protect and give life, not take it. It takes something else to be super, superb. Decide for lives placing threats power stands on sand and is scared despite the posing and size also fragile, but still the kind of masculine aggressive physical power is probably most effective in a world where there is much to lose and some assets to gain. To get what one wants aggression can be the most effective way to behave, sadly. And sadly getting rich is what most people desire.
What comes to women and men we have the idea of who have physical power, who bond with each other and often we know why they bond. Still why is it that men need that feeling of group backing up for them. Could it be weakness? It is a strange thought that bunch of men against one woman can actually beat that woman and they will because they can. It is an everyday scene to show this little ability, backbone and strength as it is common for people to group against. one person. What kind of superpower does that one person have to be so threatening? I wonder.

http://www.aroomofourown.org/real-for-women-reflecting-equality-in-australian-legislation-for-women/?utm_content=buffer13c30&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer ““What prostitution does in a society of male dominance is that it establishes a social bottom beneath which there is no bottom. It is the bottom. Prostituted women are all on the bottom. And all men are above it.”


Your guns, your freedom? Your fears are your jail. Arms are power, without power what are we?

https://www.oxfam.org/en/campaigns/why-we-need-global-arms-trade-treaty “Every day, millions of people suffer from the direct and indirect consequences of the irresponsible arms trade: thousands are killed, others are injured, many are raped, and/or forced to flee from their homes, while many others have to live under constant threat of weapons.”
How is it that there are striking similarities between men’s rights groups and associations that fight for American right to own and manufacture firearms? Arguments those both entities use are somewhat similar. There is nothing there for these groups to consider that should be different in what they do and how they think. Threats come from the outside and threaten a way of life, sovereignty and freedom to defend oneself with firearms. To bear a gun is therefore a human right. It is a scary world where one is forced to change even though the enemy does not look peaceful and to be without bullets is like being naked. There are enemies everywhere for people who are dreadfully frightened and scared of losing and surrendering. This small defenceless individual does not wish anything to change, least himself. One can ask why is that? Lobbying for weapon industry, the money flow and jobs it creates? God made him perfect so why change and money weapon industry makes is fabulous. People have all kinds of rights but to bear a gun is not on my list. Arguments used have correlation to being seriously offended by what that other person just said all the time, because minds are made up and somethings just are solid as a rock.
Similarities are there when gun owners feel threatened by someone telling it is not right to threaten security and future of mankind, meaning security of others. Those others by whom the chosen ones with weapons are threatened by. It is not right or even good for you to eat meat every day, it is not hugely correct not to regulate arms trade (results are there open wide), yes it is good to feel secure, but if guns are the only thing that make you feel secure there is seriously something wrong. Alarm bells should be ringing at your end in a different way. Those who defend their right to bear arms as much as they wish do not see themselves a s threat. Why is that? Is it because God is on their side? So far there have been extremely few attacks against the US on their soil. Nobody has been threatening their independence nor their manufacturing or owning of arms. Only threat there against the US is themselves. It is an upside down world where self-reflection could actually do a lot of good.
It is also curious how American lobbyists for freedom to bear arms affect the whole world. There are quite many threats and continues to be as arms do not lessen the threats. Logic is not on your side. Arms do not make you secure, they create an atmosphere of threat and fear, atmosphere of death and distrust. It is interesting how the United States is frightened over Iran having a nuclear bomb. Yes it is scary and rearmament is not stopping because threats are not going anywhere as long as weapon trade cannot be regulated. It is made hugely difficult when UN is the mighty authority and nations with serious military power do not vote for regulation. Some things never change one might think and that is especially nations with macho attitude and a way of life to protect. It is ironic how a way of life is affecting the whole world and the wall is right ahead into which a way of life is driving rather fast.


Dictators and liberators, impossible equation

Problem with political revolutions is that there tends to be parties who want to take credit for making the revolution, starting it, starring in it as it was a movie. As revolution was and is a grande stage to become a hero of the nation, also a necessity. It is an opportunity for a real opportunist. One needs to be able to take sides and stand for a cause. Weak nation has citizens who do not know what to do and how to make things better. There aren’t any options left to make a change happen. People can wait for the best person to come and salvage them, the people who have nothing left. When there is not anything to save but one’s life people flee as is happening right now, people flee to the nearest peaceful place which is Europe.
Best option for a dictator is to pose as a savior who will bring prosperity and freedom. We look for heroes and we like to hear good things promised. We too wish to become admired as having committed heroic acts in the name of the people. Personality cults get way over the top very easily. This is the pattern that has repeated in numerous occasions. It is old-fashioned and worn out strategy to place huge posters of a ruler all over the country, all over media, usually a male ruler who needs to be adored as a father figure. There is something about that ritual of having larger than life images of politicians in public places as guardians with promises on their faces, like member of a family. It is in the way those politicians want to display themselves as comforting and trustworthy elders who are wise and knowledgeable, chosen ones, so there is no need to replace them.
Young people usually first take the stand in rioting and demonstrations as was the case in Egypt’s uprising and they will be given the place of role players who stand on the side, not as decision-makers in a political game that knows only ruthlessness and violence, not equality, fairness or democracy. Kill or you will be killed is the language of a coup, a survival game. When we need liberators, we think there is someone who has the power to set us free.
Who will liberate the World from arm dealers and from their endless need to supply countries with arms, supply organizations with arms. How do ordinary people fight against modern weapon industry which is not as regulated as it should be? There is something really horribly wrong in this equation, in this repetitious scheme with trillions of dollars involved. It seems to be a matter of getting rich or die trying. Distribution of wealth, of money which banks make more and more, does not happen even there is more money in the world. How to fight for what is right when it seems the fight is a tiny buzzing in dictator’s ear? Could that ear be the soft spot, weakness of a mind that does not want to hear criticism, disagreement, demands for equality and freedom of speech? The more there are those who dare to buzz tirelessly the more alarm and anxiety there will be. Status Quo needs to be shaken because it is a false balance. It is balance of military force in which we now measure how balanced we are and where we stand.

Revolution: when does it become a joke?

It is euphoria, necessity, unity and despair combined. Revolution answers to the question that has been in the air, in people’s minds, waiting to be made happen. When will people be free of oppression, harassment, surveillance, ill rulers who wish to gather fortunes for themselves instead of taking care of their people. The question that needs answering is what will happen if people stop obeying, stop being afraid, start acting and doing as their gut tells them to do: refuse, reject, revolt and resist with all you have got till the change needed has happened. What will it take and need? Things must go terribly wrong and bad until such uprising happens. People had huge protests all over the world against wars in Afghanistan and Iraq without much effect. Politicians ignored public opinion completely. Such demonstrations are not obviously enough to do the needed change of mind and manners operations and decisions are put in action in politics and business.

Revolution the joke happens when as occurred in 2011-2012 Egypt uprising people started to gather at Tahrir Square until police and army asked them to leave. People left and after two months and after promises having failed and unkept people came back and again they were asked to leave. This happened over and over again until police and army took up violent measures to clear up the square. Muslim Brotherhood wanted to get involved with the revolution which began as a peaceful sit-in. Islamists saw a golden opportunity for gaining power and move on with their agenda in Egypt. What is the agenda of Islamists? It does not seem to be the democratic one as protesters mainly were after. Is Islamist way any different than the dictatorship’s way of ruling? Those who firstly started the movement in 2011 still want social and political reform in a country that has been ruled undemocratically for thirty years by Hosni Mubarak. Now since 2013 Egypt has been under military rule as people rioted against Muslim Brotherhood and their president Muhammed Mursi. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Egyptian_Revolution_of_2011

When people are ruled with violence, by constant threat, which stops people from being politically active and speaking their minds freely, it is a state of paralysis where anger piles up decades after decades. This is clear. Still it happens because big part of the world think people have to be ruled with violence. That fear of losing one’s life, which can be constant, is made a true fear, a true image of having power is to make people be scared. At the moment as I see it people are scared and they hang on to any method of survival they can find. Are we going to have a peaceful revolution when it happens again as a happening in a square as one hand? Definitely not. It probably is blasphemy to call this revolution a joke. Story of Egypt tells options for action are short when dissidents just vanish in thousands, protesters get killed and army can arm itself up to the teeth with help of the USA. But I am not laughing. It truly is a bad joke. The joke is how helpless people are, how easily led mass of people can follow fascism win. That’s the hilarious part in this joke. I’m cracking and laughing my ass off.

Do you sometimes feel you do not exist?

Very often actually. I don’t know why. Whether there is the pressure wanting me not to exist or I am invisible truly. Honest feedback is hard to get because people don’t want to hurt directly but discretely. Very strange indeed. I have been giving this some thought and come to conclusion that it is not a very nice world to be a woman.