How do we feel on the internet?

Amount of emotions is what we tackle with. Emotional life is our soft spot. How should we feel and why we feel the way we do. It is that we have emotions we cannot hide, deny but deal with them is something we must be able to do and we have to find the tools to express ourselves within the frame of society. How to show love or hate and when not to, decisions has to be made maybe in seconds, to react, feel and think at the same time. It is quite a complex process and web of levels. To choose when to show how we feel and when not to, firstly know why. How conscious process of emotions is and how responsible are we of them? To feel inside but not outside the body which is filled with chemical reactions, nerves and ideas of feelings we need to recognize and give or keep. We are to give those inner feeling forward to exist. Without that interaction we are partial, invalid. We are suffocating, suffering, misunderstood when we are unable to verbalize what we feel, our feelings are not met, when we do not know how to show to that other person what goes on inside if anything, not to speak understanding what that other is feeling and why. When we do not show visibly understandably what we feel, we can be seen as cold and emotionless, incapable of showing emotion and giving, sharing which is seen a basic tool between humans to make relations and bond. To talk about feelings is therefore not inaccurate and wrong, outdated even though we have a social pressure of not showing too much feelings. Emotional is wrong in the sense of modern effective human who performs and is just too much, but emotional is compulsory to live. We cannot cry in public without it causing awkward situations but when someone dies we are expected to react in a certain manner. We cannot laugh all the time even though we feel ecstasy of joy. Stoic expressionless existence is seen expression of someone who is in control. To control feelings is seen a wise and clever thing to do as what goes inside is a very private matter and every little thing matters, all. Women are accused of being highly emotional which is the animal side, sign of low self-control indicating low rational abilities. Rational, logical people hold on to their emotional life, keep it a secret, something that is shared with special people.
Do we feel with others enough, sharing feelings we must, common issues that are emotional for us as every day is personal and emotional, choice and under rule of others, do we feel for good reasons, causes or not at all? Are feelings manipulated, show off and a cover? Do we share something personal by sharing feelings on the internet because it has meaning also in general creating our image, are we sharing just to be heard and seen? Are you able to understand how someone might be feeling and what does taking part in common causes that rise considerable emotions mean?

Do you sometimes feel you do not exist?

Very often actually. I don’t know why. Whether there is the pressure wanting me not to exist or I am invisible truly. Honest feedback is hard to get because people don’t want to hurt directly but discretely. Very strange indeed. I have been giving this some thought and come to conclusion that it is not a very nice world to be a woman.

When your feelings are too much to take, as are your actions, how do you look at yourself?

To feel bad only when exposed, that is something. But it is too late. It is too late to mourn how bad you feel. To feel bad for the exposure of yours and to have thought you could go on forever unaffected, unharmed, righteous, privileged as such knowing what you know is all and everything there is to know. What to examine in you what you thought was unchangeable and therefore good. That you are perfect and you look at the imperfect, in comparison to you what there is, is all to improve.