Frozen Barbie: when empowered by looks your power is your looks your appearance. What kind of power is that?

What kind of looks is empowering? We can imagine that, it is something that impresses one way or another. It can be a uniform kind of look, overly feminine, overly masculine, something that is controlled but emphasized toned exaggerated, arrogant, vulgar and self-assured, confident to the maximum. It is giving a power feeling and instant impression of size, message and direction. That one feels one has got power to seduce and influence with one’s posture, habitus, body form, color, age, presence, things that chosen and are shown, bare or hidden skin, that we pay attention to as sexy, appealing, that we notice as interesting. The visual of a woman is that she is sexual, she has as a cultural and biological being and construct a complex relationship to sexuality and sex, how is she showing  and manifesting her sexuality and is it her decision. She is sexualized plainly because she is a woman or a girl, mostly she can’t own and control her sexuality, define it or use it for her own ends.

Importance is on the visual of a woman because body is a turn on or off, it is her. An object of desire with subject attached to. Face being the key to that person who is an image and product. Sexuality is a play with roles, status, hierarchy, reality and illusion, it is to be liked and loved, accepted. That she is the kind to be liked and loved, maybe as a whole person, as the same as she looks, someone who is by definition beautiful on the outside is on the inside the same beautiful and whole, important. She is complimented for her looks first. Is the first thought of her always how she looks? That is the first thing women experience, are seen, talked about, are expected to be, beautiful and via that beauty be worthy of noticing and appreciation. Basically there is nothing wrong with the habit of telling people how good they look, when they have seen the effort and want to impress via looks. To be impressed by appearance is what happens instantly, we like or we do not. It is possibly never a neutral issue.

Iconic beauty queen and an image but she is a living person who says she is in control of what she does, how she performs and what she shows of herself. Someone who makes her living via her appearance selling her looks to be printed on ads and magazines, on the internet for all who wish this kind of content and get a thrill over it, a positive one. What is the positive here, the empowerment which is the abusing of people desires, insecurities, abusing the space for something selfish. What is it we are watching, what is it we have? What is the interest there other than sex? Our need to look at beautiful people empowers those who have the need to be looked at, admired for their looks, told how good-looking they are. Does empowerment move the other direction as well as beautiful people are idols for very big part because of their beauty?

Empowerment is born via attention, a rush and energetic turn on, highly sexual experience, perverted and natural. The flow of images of people and fame that may follow, dreams of fame, possibility of fortune, getting inside a jet set, becoming popular, comments given, all kinds of comments that feed the fame, outrage, hate, dislike, criticism, especially the negative emotional, irrational and rational outbursts of reactions, story of a person which is a picture, story which grows as the fame grows bigger. She and he who are gazed, compared, envied, copied, imitated, desired, put as posters on walls exploding the internet. Human form of perfection which for the eye is symmetrical and appealing, as I analyse the mediocre hyped human form that is placed on highest peak of our attention, to catch our attention. Constant policing as contrast, in comparison shaming of her means she is oppressed, oppressed on so many levels it is almost impossible to break the wall of bias and expectation of what a girl and woman are supposed to be and do. To be in control is not care of thoughts and comment. Permanent state of chauvinism and sexism infiltrated stay set as model for all which is understood by all, things seen as funny, harmless kept alive and going because it is impossibly tight grown, stuck and glued on us, and we wonder anything and anyone who does not want the same.