When people are treated like garbage is there overpopulation or is it the same problem over again when people use their power to destroy?

Yes we would like to be interested in how other people are doing, although my empiric research tells most people like to talk about themselves, but it was nice seeing you. To see people does not mean we see them. They fill a void, a room, a space, they function as extensions. Your connections are your cv, how people talk about you is a handshake or a slap in the face. Ill talk functions as dividing and as connecting element. It is to keep those who are not liked in their place, not moving, not liked. There is no need to wonder whether there is anything wrong until it is you who will be slapped in the face. Ill talk turns against those who share information which is not accurate, is shared to hurt, situation could not be more delicious.

Hypocrisy is a phenomenon where people act better than they are. When they want to show their very best intentions even though those intentions do not reach anything other than gaining benefit for themselves. When to act is necessary only when you are in danger, you act to mend your image, retaliate, when you hold a child and make war. To make destruction appears to be a thing people do very effortlessly. Consequences remain with us, far-reaching. To throw away garbage is not just an act of cleaning up. Our casual way of producing gigantic amount of waste and mess seems endlessly woven into our way to live winning without care in the world, until we find the mountain at our door step. It must be karma.


How to change situations of people for the better? Is it a question of who defines what is good to anybody without asking the people?

How do you do a sexual revolution within a culture that in many places violently oppresses people especially women and children? Where one easily loses one’s life for objecting and confronting the regime, religious fundamentalists, media that is in short leash. Big money and absolute power that cannot be questioned and put under magnifying glass because this absolute power has God’s authority is doing an enormous amount of harm and damage. Authority that family institution, religion and men have is keeping countries from evolving wasting human resources. Leaning on traditions, bias, unjust power conventions and punishing practices, unjust definitely against girls and women who are denied schooling, careers, decision-making in politics, rights to their bodies and lives is everyday and obviously deadly prospect when doing and saying against. What is human life worth? Has somebody put a price on it?

Irony lies in the impressive and long history of Arab world which has been more tolerant that Christian world has shown to have been. Why such bigoted, short-sighted, oppressive culture that reigns in many Arab nations now is possible? Why ruling via violence and revenge is allowed? To kill and torture all those who stand against is lunacy and against any worth while conception of justice. Brutality is not work of anything holy.

How about an army of women?

We need a sexual revolution in the Middle East – video http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/video/2015/jun/10/we-need-sexual-revolution-middle-east-arab-spring-failed-women-video?CMP=share_btn_tw

http://feministcurrent.com/12196/the-no-platforming-of-radical-feminists-a-talk-by-julie-bindel/(Men are quite unhappy under patriarchy often, as we’ve heard from pro-feminist men.)”

Human rights situation in China: What could be done?

https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Ref47cSyQWEQh154WKb8z__l05f2Uq0R-TIUYQTI-yk/viewform?c=0&w=1Twenty years ago, China hosted the 1995 Fourth World Conference on Women, signed for Beijing Platform for Action, and made a commitment to promote women’s rights and gender equality. What the Chinese government has done to the five young feminists is unacceptable and violating the spirit of the Beijing Platform for Action and CEDAW. “

How long are we going to witness oppression? Obviously we are accustomed to consuming tons of cheap goods that are so essential to our lifestyle we take them for granted. Chinese problems are probably far away for the most of us and kept from our sight. It is a matter of propaganda and what we want to see. What are we looking at? Mostly away, as it seems. We want to see smiling people who are happy. We want everybody to have fun..