My new clothing line called HOLY.

What states originality, what is original and how to be original? How do you come to appreciate something extraordinary? It takes courage to be extraordinary in a world that pushes us to be similar. Surely we all want to feel special and think we are exceptional. It is something one has to learn to accept when you see it, when you have it and give positive feedback to someone and yourself who show exceptional character and talent. Contradiction to me in this is that those who are strikingly different (which is all, but especially those who dare to stick out, stick their necks out like crazy), who do things in their way, because there is no other way, original people who follow minds and spirits of their own face the worst of human nature. Why is extraordinary dangerous and so often a problem is a dilemma. It is too common and easy to bully those who do not fit in, bully those who shine originality just being them. To face trouble is more a rule than exception.