Unordinary, unorthodox, offbeat, unusual, extraordinary, uncommon

Synonyms to something atypical and abnormal anything. What is strange, odd, peculiar, out-of-order is that something breaks a mindset rule that someone observing and organizing is used to and likes. Some like the comfort of not much change in the balance of daily routines. Why do we like such comfortable routines daily and why doing things in the same way everyday is comfortable? I find such patterns very annoying and seek to do things always in some different way to make a difference in my life. Even that makes me peculiar and offbeat. A beat never heard before, not even or especially here. Well it is so I get bored with the same old same old and like to think what else is there. Don’t you? As I see it those who try to change things face pretty huge obstacles by people who like their comfort unchanged. They like their benefits, rules and regulations.

One thing that I don’t appreciate is the amazement when someone tries something ‘new’. For example commenting a girl skateboarding, belittling women who do the so-called men’s work, belittling artist’s work because artist is a woman. Belittling, belittling if girls dress like boys, listen to same music as boys, are interested in the same things as boys. Those things are not anything new and there are no limits what a girl can be interested in. Girls’ stuff and boys stuff are no more. But if you demand that there are girls’ stuff and your daughter does not like your limited ideas, what do you do?

Don’t comment oh dear, how is that possible. ENCOURAGE! over and over again. There is too little encouragement! Say that is marvelous! Learn to say good for you! Well done!
Learn to give good feedback. If you really wish to comment, encourage instead of belittling. If you are not ordinary, but offbeat let everybody else be too.