Put your hands together and say a little prayer to make it. Art Heroism is The Ultimate goal. New kind of a art Hero. Who is that? Does it matter? If you feel good about yourself and whaT you have accomplished then yes, I guess..

But Henna, How can you question value of art as a motor and a motivator for people in changing the World. True. It has changed me, hopefully in return I change something for better. Art changes you when you do it. So do it! Start with a portrait of yourself. This is not a joke. If you think you cannot do art, I wonder why do you think so, also what is good and who is capable. Most important thing is to create. Is that so? Yes, never give up.

Making of Stuck on with Sticky Fingers

Quiet on the set.  Nobody is. Lights…red, yellow, orange, blue, violet, black and white Camera…my little ones O&P, Action! around, what does it mean, I don’t always know, because I work on impulse, in an instant that’s the beauty of making art to me. Ok, is this a confessions site? Maybe, yes I’m a bad bad bad bad girl. How bad are you? Maybe I’ll kick your ass. Should I tell you what you want to hear or what I want to say. There may be a difference there. It’s not always pleasant to live, why should art be pleasant. To make life pleasent. I see art as a tool, a process, an organism. So what I’m trying to say is why put creativity into a sweet box, when it, creation comes out as an explosion. Doesn’t make sense. That’s how I have learned to do, It’s important to find the form for your thought so others may understand you honey, to understand me, why do I have to be so clear, nothing is clear anyway, it’s a mess, and I’m making smaller and smaller till nothing is left. Are you destroying your creativity? I don’t know. How can one kill ones creativity? What is creativity? Isn’t it equal to living like breathing. Cut cut WHat What Weird theatre.